CLIMAX SEASON II - Internal Pleasures

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YESforLOV is proud to partner with CLIMAX, the French educational series on female pleasure.

Discover season II "The Heart of Pleasure" of CLIMAX and learn to give and receive more pleasure through internal stimulation such as the G-spot.

Season II contains 11 episodes (74 minutes) and offers you 47 internal stimulation techniques, shown by 5 women in 2D animations.

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11 episodes - 74 minutes

Episode 1: Stimulation of the G
Episode 2: The techniques of female ejaculation
Episode 3: The stimulation of deep points
Episode 4: Exploring the pleasures of vaginal entry
Episode 5: Finding the right position
Episode 6: Train the muscles dedicated to fun
Episode 7: Orgasmic breathing
Episode 8: Enjoy anal pleasure with your fingers
Episode 9: Enjoy anal fun with sex toys
Episode 10: Pleasures increased tenfold
Episode 11: The intense pleasure of double penetration

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CLIMAX SEASON II - Internal Pleasures

Education on female pleasure...

(A science-based training video dedicated to female pleasure so that you can enjoy maximized and shared orgasms.)

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CLIMAX is an educational series containing two seasons to learn more than 69 concrete techniques for external or internal stimulation. For even more realism, the series is filmed without a filter. We strongly advise you to practice it on yourself or your partner.

Climax's mission: that female pleasure is no longer taboo so that everyone can explore their sexual pleasure and identity.

CLIMAX is first and foremost an observation: there very few people who are sexually comfortable. Even fewer really know how to give or receive pleasure.

To avoid all frustrations, CLIMAX tries to fill this gap in knowledge and experience. We would all like to be good in bed and yet no one has taught us! This is especially true when it comes to female pleasure, which is rarely discussed and shown do to the fact that it’s still taboo!

Driven by the desire to democratise sexual well-being through authentic and serious education and quality products, we decided to collaborate with CLIMAX, the first educational series that will teach you to receive and give pleasure as simply as possible.

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CLIMAX offers several seasons: a first season dedicated to external pleasures (vulva and clitoris) and another dedicated to internal pleasures (vaginal and anal). Each season consists of several episodes with an average duration of 75 minutes. In total, you can learn more than 69 external and internal female masturbation techniques.

Would you like to discover CLIMAX? If you are on the fence, we recommend watching the free preview offered by CLIMAX. This one is different from the one offered by YESforLOV, but it is the first step to getting acquainted with the series. Discover the preview offered by CLIMAX.


Who is the CLIMAX series for?

CLIMAX is intended for anyone with a vulva. To all people wishing to learn new masturbation techniques, those who want to intensify their pleasures, and curious partners who want to gain more skills. This is the place for everyone who wants to learn more about pleasure and ways to achieve it.

In the Season "External Pleasures", CLIMAX refers to "women" and "female pleasure" because the series addresses the subject of masturbation and genitals from a scientific point of view. However, in the Season "Internal Pleasures", CLIMAX has tried to be as neutral as possible in the use of pronouns and words, but YESforLOV and CLIMAX are aware that we still have a long way to go when it comes to encompassing all forms of gender expressions, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and expectations.

7 good reasons to try the Climax educational series:

  • No need for a subscription: Once you have purchased your season, you can access it in full as soon as you receive the email containing your identification code.

  • Lifetime access: You will be able to see and review the season online whenever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Satisfied or refunded: CLIMAX allows you to be refunded if the content does not suit you. You have 14 days to get a refund for your first purchase if you watched less than 20%.

  • Multi-screen: You can watch CLIMAX on your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • For everyone: CLIMAX is for all people. Whether you are alone or in a relationship, as long as you have the desire to learn more about female pleasure.

  • 69 new caressing techniques! All techniques are based on surveys and testimonials from thousands of women. Always under the supervision of experts in health and sexual pleasure.

  • A discount of more than 35% is available through our bundle offer so that you can discover YESforLOV products and CLIMAX techniques.

There is no doubt that the YESforLOV and CLIMAX duo will succeed brilliantly in offering you orgasms of extreme intensity.


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