As Valentine's Day approaches, we must take a moment to realize that we’ve already be rejoicing in the sweet sensations that come with this delicious treat. There’s nothing sexier than chocolate and taking a moment to indulge in all its flavors as it melts on your tongue.

But what if you were to find out that this naughty delight is also an aphrodisiac! Come and learn more about all the ways you can enjoy your guilty pleasure.


Sex and chocolate: a love story in every way

With its aphrodisiac effects, it was the Mayans and Aztecs that relished the euphoria that came from its most natural composition. The proof can be seen through Moctezuma II, who drank fifty cups of chocolate a day, according to him, in order to keep his love juices flowing freely for his many partners.

While in ancient times chocolate was considered the food of the gods, we are lucky enough to enjoy it in as mortal human-beings in this modern world. Chocolate and sensual love making go hand and hand, bringing pleasure and sexual sensuality to more places than just our mouths. But what exactly is the link between hot romantic sex and chocolate? In this case, quality trumps quantity, because you only need 10 grams a day of dark chocolate (with 70% or more cocoa) to see a difference.

There’s no need to eat 10 bars of chocolate a day! So, indulge in your small pleasures both in the kitchen, and in the bedroom, but don’t overdo it for the sake of your dream sexuality. If you’re searching for erotic passion and sweet sensations, chocolate might be the magical key needed to spice up your love life; go ahead and indulge in massive orgasms and delicious treats.


What are the recognized virtues of quality chocolate?

Contrary to common beliefs, chocolate is not unhealthy, actually, far from it! That being said, most chocolate does have sugar, and excessive consumption is not advised, although this can be said for most things in life. Chocolate is obtained from beans from the cocoa tree; these tiny seeds are located on small trees in Central America. These beans are then fermented, roasted, and then dried to become cocoa butter. The cocoa butter can be used to create different types of chocolate, and the characteristics and type will depend on how much sugar, spices, and milk is added. During this transition, many minerals will be lost along the way.

One thing is certain, and that’s the fact that chocolate contains vitamin B, vitamin E, polyphenols, and other antioxidants. These anti-aging substances are valuable to our health, and important allies in fighting against premature aging. Chocolate also is rich in magnesium, potassium, and iron and contains bromide tea, which is a bitter alkaloid in the same family as coffee. It is a cardio stimulant and a vasodilator, which is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Chocolate also has some very positive effects on our brain: It contains tryptophan, which is a precursor for serotonin, the happy hormone, which works as a natural anti-depressant. And to make it even more delightful, chocolate also contains a molecule known as anandamide, which binds to the same receptors as CBD. It is no surprise that after we enjoy the sweet sensations of chocolate, we are also met with feelings of pleasure and happiness.

For a more technical explanation, please refer to the article by F.Bianchi-Demicheli, L. Sakhoranja, and A. Pechère-Bertschi published in the Swiss Medical Journal on 20 March 2013.

So there’s no need to cut chocolate out of your diet! When consumed responsibly and in moderation, it poses no risk to your health, and is beneficial. Quality chocolate actually burns fat and increases the body’s metabolism. What more could you ask for? So go ahead and enjoy 30g a day, as long as you are enjoying quality dark chocolate that’s low in sugar. Just understand that milk chocolate also has less cocoa and more sugar, and white chocolate is actually not chocolate at all, since there is no cocoa.

Are you addicted to chocolate? Did you know that 30% of women claim that it is just as addictive as sex? Through its ability to release serotonin, our pleasure hormone, chocolate allows us to enjoy a temporary euphoria that can awaken the erotic passion.


Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac food?

We are finally all on the same wavelength: we love this extraordinary treat, which can be considered an aphrodisiac. Now whether chocolate actually benefits us in the bedroom is hard to prove, especially since there are so many other factors at play during the time of arousal. 

That being said, chocolate contains salsolinol, which most definitely works its magic in the bedroom. IT is a neurostimulator that enhances the effects of theobromine and triggers the creation of dopamine, which increases our pleasures during hot romantic sex and erotic foreplay. Did you know that according to a survey conducted by the dating site, 40% of women say they would rather go a year without sex rather than chocolate.


How to combine love and chocolate?

Sexy fooding and chocolate body paint

Now you understand that chocolate is good for the erotic body, but how do we consume it in a sexy way? If you want to include chocolate in your games of desire in order to add some sweet sensations, here are some ideas:

- Get a fine brush and paint their body with melted chocolate.

- Paint anything you choose on their erogenous zones.

- Once the body is coated with chocolate, erase your works of art with your tongue, making sure you don’t leave any trace.

- Before starting the game, it is better to protect the sheets and remove their clothes.

- Chocolate also makes you thirsty, so you can also leave a water bottle by your bed in order to be prepared.

Dark chocolate, erotic foreplay, and hot romantic sex! What a winning combination!

Don’t be afraid to add some more delicious treats to the mix, like whipped cream to lick off their nipples, champagne to drink off their erotic body, and strawberry oil to taste their skin. Set the erotic scene for an unforgettable and magic weekend spent under the sheets.



So, is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? We are going to say yes! Especially since it helps to fulfill our most secret desires and allows us to experience incredible joy.

Sensual love making and chocolate will be forever intertwined, and we believe that they should be enjoyed together!