Within a relationship, touch is an excellent way to awaken the sexual sensuality and allow sensitivity to develop. It is one of the most beautiful love languages, in addition to being one of the most important. Body contact is an essential means of communication to get to know each other.  

This form of contact, through a body on body massage, allows you to get to know your partner and discover every corner of their skin.

A sensual massage in an enriching form of touch: It encourages you to listen to your partner, pay attention to their needs, and help them feel physically better. This is a soothing moment of relaxation, not only for the person receiving the massage, but the person giving it. It allows a special connection to grow between both partners so that you can build and unbreakable bond allowing your relationship can remain strong for a long time.

When it comes to giving your partner a massage, you don’t have to be an expert, but there are still a few things you need to know. How do you choose the right massage oil? What areas should you massage? What techniques are good to use? Lucky for you, we have a guide that will help you perform the best massage so that you can awaken the erotic passion within your relationship.


Create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere

To start, make sure your partner is ready and willing to receive the massage. Help them relax with a hot bubble bath for two, so that you can set the erotic scene in which there is only them and you, naked and fully exposed.

Choose an intimate quiet place where you won’t be disturbed: the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. The room should be warm enough (22-23°C) so that you can take off your clothes without getting cold. Dim lighting allows you to relax and helps create a warm atmosphere that’s perfect for de-stressing.

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect place, it’s important to prepare your partner as well. In order for them to enter smoothly into this intimate moment, it’s important to awaken their senses through their senses of sound and touch.

For this, choose music that is as calm and soft as a romantic kiss. This will help them to relax and be fully present in the moment. Keep in mind that the smell of the room is also incredibly important, but it’s best to choose a home fragrance that they’re not accustomed to. This will allow them to enter into a new moment of discovery through the heavenly scent that you have chosen.

At YESforLOV, our LOV'space Aphrodisiac Fragrance Diffuser is ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere, perfect for a sensual hug and erotic massage. For a home fragrance that is full of sensuality, choose between the bewitching and titillating scents, which come free with the diffuser itself. And the added bonus is that it also comes equipped with a nightlight, perfect for illuminating bodies in the dark.

If you prefer an atmosphere that’s full of erotic passion, YESforLOV has created massage candles with bewitching and titillating scents, ideal to use as a room fragrance, so that the smell can entice your partner, illuminate their erotic beauty, and then transform into a warming massage oil which has been delectably heated by the burning flame you have lit.

Between our fragrance diffusers and massage candle, you just have to choose the one that will fit best into your shared moments of erotic passion and sexual sensuality!

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Choosing a good massage oil

Choosing a good massage oil is essential for a successful massage. This reinforces the effects of the massage while increasing all the benefits as well. It must have a pleasant feel and texture that allows your fingers to slide effortlessly against the skin so that you can roll and put pressure on their muscles. There are many massage oils available on the market that consist of questionable ingredients and ineffective formulas. With so many choices that are likely to be bad, it can be difficult to find the perfect oil. That’s why at YESforLOV, we have a wide range of products dedicated to massage, all of which are respectful of your skin and specifically designed for hydration, regeneration, and sensual pleasure. Let us guide you in making the best choice.

Our product manager has imagined and developed the best Massage Oil that’s both sensual and effective. It has a texture that’s light, non-greasy, and does not stain clothes or sheets; this way, you can enjoy this sensual moment without worrying about getting oil on anything. It is enriched with plant-based oils which were carefully chosen for their softening, toning, and aphrodisiac properties.

As we stated earlier, the YESforLOV Massage Candle has been designed to not only be the perfect warming massage oil, but also the perfect body oil. Thanks to the fact that it’s formulated with natural plant-based waxes and natural oils, it softens and regenerates the skin. Its delicate texture with a non-greasy touch does not burn and turns into a warm and creamy body oil, ideal for a magical, naughty, and rejuvenating massages. The added bonus is that it has a spout to facilitate its use and a lid for easily and safely extinguishing the flame, which also allows you to preserve its aphrodisiac perfume and protect it from dust.

And for those who have a sweet tooth, our Gourmet Massage Lubricant will add some flavour to your romantic evenings so that your intimate massage can effortlessly turn into oral sex or penetration. Soft, soothing, and delicious, this flavoured lube for massage is an absolute must-have that is perfect for those who love sweet sensations. Between peach-apricot or pineapple-green tea, there’s no wrong choice!


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Prepare your body to offer and receive a massage

Before starting the massage, it is essential to warm your hands, this way, you don’t run the risk of shocking your partner with your freezing hand-sickles. You can wash them in hot water for a few seconds before starting the massage, and dry them with a clean towel. Your partners muscles will relax more easily if your hands are warm, and let’s be honest, it’s so much nicer to feel a warm and comforting touch, rather than a cold one.

If your partner is relaxed, along with their body, their muscles will be much more receptive to receiving and fully enjoying the massage. To help your partner relax, a hot shower or bath can be very effective. You can also rub their back with a hot towel, tapping slowly to allow time for each muscle to relax.

Lay your partner down comfortably and place a thin cushion under their neck and place a few towels under their hips, knees, and ankles

Everything is now ready for the massage to begin. Keep in mind that massage is a moment of sharing and exchange, so in order to maintain the connection between you, regularly communicate by talking calm and gently - whispering for example - to make sure that everything is fine. Stay in tune with their needs, and don’t hesitate to ask them for their preferences. If you’re struggling to find a good rhythm, ask them to guide you. For this moment, put aside your needs for what is good for your partner, allowing them to fully enjoy this moment that’s dedicated to them. Obviously, getting a massage does not automatically mean their consenting to having sex, so never touch their private parts without their prior consent.

Target the right areas and use the correct techniques

Now we have gotten to the heart of the matter. If you’ve never performed a massage before, you’re not a very sensual person, or you’re not recognised for you talents as a masseuse, then you should find this guide to be incredibly helpful.

Which areas can I massage? Just about anywhere you find muscle, tendons, and nerves that are just waiting to be relaxed. While the shoulders and back are easy areas to massage, don’t neglect the neck, arms, and belly – and if your partner agrees- the thighs, calves, and feet all serve as vectors to the bodies overall balance. Avoid massaging the spine and go around the bones. Stand near or next to your partner’s head. You can also sit on their buttocks if it doesn’t bother them. Here we go!

1. Start with the shoulders and neck

These are the best areas to gradually settle your partner into a moment of relaxation. Start massaging the top of the spine gently and slowly, just a little below the neck. Then, go up to the neck and massage the area with small circular movements. Linger on the part that connects the shoulders and neck, while paying special attention to the outline of the shoulder blade. Gently, massage the base of the skull, which is often a source of tension, with your thumbs and fingertips.

2. Then massage the back

With your hands in the shape of a triangle (palms open, with index fingers and thumbs together), go up from the lower back to the neck. Go through the shoulders, slide up the arms, and then descend along the sides to the base of the back. Resume this movement 3 times, first very light, and then with more and more pressure. Then, resume this movement, this time one hand after the other. The left hand begins alone, and then, once it reaches the shoulders, the right hand enters the dance and follows the same movements as the left hand. With your fingertips and an open hand, follow the contours of their shoulder blade. Finish by lightly pressing on the lower back and buttocks with your palms open.

3. Massage the back of the legs to the feet

Start with a kneading movement, going through the leg with medium pressure, up and down and down to up, repeating it two or three times. In order to avoid sensitivity or tickling the base of the heel, apply a good amount of pressure and follow the outer edge of the foot to the base of each toe, which should be done one by one. Finish by pressing each toe. For the feet, use an abundance of oil in order to allow for a better glide and to avoid any discomfort your partner might feel in this sensitive area.

4. Let yourself go to the areas you want to linger on a little more

Then, little by little, slow down the frictional movements. Make long, even, and very slow movements with the palms of your hands and go through all the points that you just massaged again to finish the massage session gently.

To go further...

Depending on the intensity of your sensual massage and the tension that arises between you and your partner, the session can quickly drift towards a much more seductive tease, from foreplay to penetration. If this happens, why not introduce a game to push the massage a little further? Because yes, at YESforLOV, we love to play! And for that we have planned everything.

If we could only recommend one product for massaging the intimate and erogenous areas, it would be the All-over Massage Lubricant, a 3 in 1 massage oil specially designed for your moments of sexual sensuality and erotic foreplay. It is both edible, ideal for massaging the erogenous zones, and also turns into a lube! The perfect massage oil to introduce you to tantric massage.

To keep the erotic passion burning, we suggest our Naughty Sex Dice that will add a more fun and playful dimension to your massage session. The two sex dice are ready to be rolled: one defines the action, and the other the part of the body on which to perform the action. 

To awaken the senses by taking away a few, our Black Satin Blindfold and our Caressing Feather are our two favourite accessories. One to deprive them of a sense in order to strengthen the others, and the other to administer caresses to awaken their senses and maybe even make way for a tickle orgasm.



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Sensual body massages are the best way to create an intimate moment of sharing and complicity between two partners. It benefits both people through easing tension, allowing for communication, and solidifying the relationship. It is the gateway to a more serene and intimate relationship, which is strengthened over time.  

To all those who are unable to express their love to their partner, who lack ideas on how to surprise the other, and who want to share moments of pleasure with their partner; allow yourselves to get lost in each other’s skin and rediscover their body. Give into those sweet sensations, allow your secret desires to take over, and let yourself be engulfed in the sensations of relaxation and pleasure that are brought to life through your partners hands.