Sensual self-discovery, sexual exploration, and solitary recognition of one's own sensory pleasures, male masturbation has long been considered a practice that should not be succumbed to, as it would be a definite plague for humanity! This is what was said in homes and elsewhere during ancient times. That time is well and truly over, even if the art of masturbation still does not have that perfectly golden image that we would like to give it. Don't worry! Venturing into these new sensations will not make you go crazy as our western beliefs have long led us to believe. Since the end of the 1930s, this other approach to sexuality has nevertheless gradually made its way into our very fussy society to the point of it finally being fully accepted. Men of all ages, your precious sex machine has much more to give than simply satisfying your natural urinary needs and your desire to procreate. For you alone or as a couple, well-controlled masturbation will bring you moments of pleasure that you are far from suspecting! Masturbation is not a sign of sexual dissatisfaction within a relationship! Onanism, a somewhat barbaric term, but one which covers all the individual practices of penis stimulation, is very often involved in our first orgasm; it is an easy, quick, and accessible way of accessing pleasure. Better yet: it proves to be one hell of a pleasure companion throughout a human being's sexual life, in its solitary pleasures, as well as in its shared pleasures, and is enjoyed 3 times a week on average according to a Womanizer survey carried out among 6,000 people. While many studies have shed light on the actual frequency of masturbation, it is just as important to understand its benefits and how to achieve them! YESforLOV introduces you to male pleasure so that you can discover the benefits of masturbation and "taking control" of your pleasure where it is most naturally found! And it was high time to do something about it, wasn't it, gentlemen? With or without the partner's agreement!

Masturbation, a pleasure that costs nothing!

Male masturbation concerns more or less any individual armed with a penis, from early childhood to old age. Infantile masturbation allows children to relax, to reassure themselves, and experience pleasant sensations. It is therefore a natural part of human nature.

Masturbation can be shared by two or more people in the bathroom or out of sight, regardless of your sexual orientation of family situation. Whether you are alone or in a couple, whether you are rich or poor, masturbation is available to all without exception, or at least to those who are willing to learn about this off-the-beaten-track sexual practice! Here, there is no place for taboos and judgments, no shame to feel, no embarrassment to have, it's all natural. Let's say it loud and clear! Regular masturbation is not dangerous, it is only there to satisfy desires, to give pleasure alone or with a partner, and to reinforce the human being in his well-being and his sexual blossoming always in search of new pleasures.

In adulthood, masturbation is obviously an erotic practice with ejaculation being the main purpose, sometimes triggering the much desired and sought-after orgasm! With such a tremendous amount of pleasure, it’s no surprise that you would want to enjoy this wonderful ritual!

The 5 unsuspected benefits
of male masturbation:

  1. It promotes the release of endorphins. In the moments after experiencing an orgasm, it brings a real feeling of physical and mental well-being.
  2. It is a powerful anxiolytic, the most natural of the muscle relaxants and antidepressants.
  3. It combats the stress and anxiety of an oppressive daily life. A welcome source of release!
  4. It allows you to discover and explore your body to better understand its limits and desires! It guides you and takes you to new pleasures for intense and constantly renewed orgasms
  5. Masturbation can also remedy a drop in libido that exists between a couple, it allows to balance the reciprocity of the desires for each other. Even if you are in a relationship, you are the only master of your own pleasure!

When myths try to ruin the pleasure of male masturbation!

A very urgent physical need? This is the only negative thing that masturbation can possibly be labelled with! There’s nothing else to say as far as masturbation is concerned! To top it all off, let's just say that it is a practice that can easily be carried out freely, and even more so during the painful times of Covid. Anecdote: the New York Public Health Agency (NY-DOH) has recommended that Americans masturbate to prevent the spread of Sras-Cov-2! You are your safest partner and, let it be known everywhere, masturbation does not spread Covid-19! it is even strongly recommended since it apparently helps boost the production of immunoglobulin 1, a natural defence that fights the flu and colds. If you didn't know, keep in mind now that masturbation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. There are quite a few studies on this subject that confirm this.

For a long time, it was considered as a substitute for regular sexual relations; masturbation builds a sense of independence, autonomy, and well-being, especially for those who suffer from loneliness. It is for all those who are curious enough to discover their own body and to awaken their sexual conscience. At the other end of the spectrum, however, there is no evidence to date of the potential risks of repeated masturbation.


Is your imagination the greatest threat to masturbation?

This may be true! First of all, make sure that you are not damaging yourself in all your moral and principled ways with regard to your sexuality! ... And to your partner's sexuality if you are in a relationship! There is nothing illegal about satisfying a sexual need alone, which is perfectly healthy for your body and mind! But if you are in a relationship, there are two of you to live and love: so sharing your intimacy and the erotic moments is essential for the health of your relationship and its long-term survival. Everything must be done in perfect harmony! Your partner deserves all these sexual pleasures just as much, whether or not they happen alone or together, who cares! What is important is to find the perfect balance between the two of you for the best pleasure under the duvet! So yes! masturbation alone can be great... on the condition that it does not harm the other person in any way! It is out of the question to play it alone and put your couple in trouble: when it comes to sex, pleasure must be shared, complicit, and not one-sided, to preserve all that wonderful sensual dimension which is the pleasures of the body and mind.


With masturbation, it is the mechanical act that could pose a problem, whereas it should automatically be the superb tool for exploring all the erogenous zones of the man: the testicles, the glans, and the P spot... These body parts help awaken our sensations and tell us everything we need to know about our pleasure. But beware! Too much-repeated masturbation can become dangerous for the health of the couple, creating a certain imbalance, a loss of connection with the other's body, and impose too much distance in relationships and love exchanges. OK! so it's a massive "Yes" to male masturbation... as well as female masturbation, but with conditions! And how about a real package that joyfully combines the erotic jousting of male and female masturbation, solitary masturbation ... for two! The theatre of love is sold out!

Unlike women, the visual experience is often the key to male enjoyment: erotic videos, porn magazines, web surfing, there is plenty to work with and to fantasize about: be careful, however, not to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder, an addiction that is mechanically repeated over and over again!

Too much pornography is not safe with masturbation:

In high doses, the latter implicitly encourages you to look for something that will excite us even more, and without warning, the routine in your sexuality slyly settles in, without making a sound. Your imagination dies along with your curiosity, desires, and the excitement that goes with them, everything is at half-mast! Enough is enough! Beyond the risk of addiction, the orgasm can become very mechanical and eventually lose its power, and this can have a real impact on sexual relations. If you feel uneasy about masturbation and the feelings of shame and guilt become too much to bear, do not hesitate to talk about it in confidence with a sexologist. He or she will be of great help.

Did you know that in 2019, according to a study conducted by IFOP and ELLE magazine, 95% of men have already masturbated at least once in their lives and French women have never been so numerous to succumb to the joys of onanism? With three out of four women (76%) admitting to having already masturbated during the course of their lives compared to barely 19% in 1970 (Simon Report). Are women leading the way in this area? Not yet, since only 14% of them admit to masturbating "often", compared to 28% of men.

Masturbation: 8 techniques to please yourself!

To reduce masturbation to a simple back and forth movement would be very simplistic, and yet, for many men, it is still a widely used technique that requires grasping his penis until ejaculation follows. Conversely, rather than systematically seeking to discharge his impulse, it is in a man's best interest to masturbate correctly. We offer you 8 tips for masturbating well and diversifying your pleasure:

1. Foreplay to start

Foreplay is a subtle way to build excitement before direct penile stimulation, whether it consists of a hand stroking the fabric of your trousers, rubbing it against a pillow, or gently touching it… anything goes.

Take your time, touching yourself gradually, which will build excitement. Start gently and slowly for sharper and more powerful pleasures to come.

2. Explore your erogenous zones!

Your body has tons of them! Let's go! Use your fingers to caress the lower abdomen, the secondary erogenous zones follow the tempo: the neck, the thighs, everything!

The testicles should also be in your sights. Dare to venture off the beaten track, the testicles are one of the most sensitive areas of a man's body.

They deserve your full attention and the utmost delicacy in the caressing game.

3. Use intimate lubricating gels

This is the ABC of successful masturbation! Penises don't provide natural lubrication, that's a fact. Intimate lubricants make it easier for your hands to touch the penis and provide comfort and a natural gliding sensation that indirectly produces intimate secretions. No doubt you won't do without it. Masturbating without lubricant means losing a lot of pleasure!

4. Vary the rhythms and positions:

Use your left and right hand, or both simultaneously. You don’t have to be ambidextrous; the change of hand allows you to learn to manage your excitement and break the routine.

Vary the pressure and the rhythm to better understand your desires, whether you prefer the penis glans alone or the whole penis.

All variations are good and should be experimented with to offer some eroticism and selfishness.

5. Make the pleasure last, try edging!

Along the way, take a short break and learn how to manage your ejaculations; this is an excellent technique for solitary sex that is useful and positive for both and your partner.
You can try our male pleasure extender or block the flow of sperm by applying pressure to the base of the penis, the aim being to build up the excitement to its peak.

6. Experiment with prostate pleasures:

They are no longer taboo today, even if they are used less frequently and are considered to be something that straight men can’t enjoy: overall, anal masturbation is one of the natural ways to explore and masturbate at your convenience.

The prostate, when massaged gently, will undeniably offer you orgasms whose reputation no longer needs to be proven, it has even been given the name of P-spot.

7. Discover masturbators for men:

Yes, men also have the right to their own sex toys! In the form of a sheath with a more or less sophisticated design, masturbators are also great tools to diversify your erotic pleasures. We advise you to get the egg from the brand Tenga, which are in fact ultra-extensible masturbators available in the form of sheath and which adapt to all sizes! The specificity of the Tenga is its hundreds of tiny spikes in the form of cells that will stimulate you in a homogeneous way for an intense pleasure.

You can also test vibrating rings, like the NOS from the Fun Factory brand. It’s a vibrating stimulator that is used as a ring for penis This vibrating penis ring for men fits all penis sizes as the material makes it stretchable. Once placed at the base of your penis, it exerts a light pressure on the targeted areas to sustainably strengthen your erection.

Even more effective than its counterparts is the MANTA masturbator from Fun Facotry, which stimulates the base of the penis and the glans in a targeted manner. The test is impressively true: this German-made sextoy designed for men has the potential to really turn masturbation fans on their head! Along the way, take a short break and learn how to manage your ejaculations; it's a great solo technique that has the merit of being useful and positive for both you and your partner. You can block the flow of semen by applying pressure to the base of the penis, the aim being to build up the excitement to a climax.


8. Dare to use YESforLOV intimate cosmetics to prolong your pleasure:

The YESforLOV pleasure extender is a male spray that differs your pleasure to better prolong your partner's. This pocket spray is designed to help you delay your own pleasure, control your orgasms, and to spend more time playing.

Based on natural ingredients, this male enhancer triggers a wave of hot and cold sensations at the heart of male arousal while preserving the hypersensitivity of the penis glans. Its formula, enriched with plant extracts, has a muscle-relaxing effect on the penis for stimulating masturbation with no time limit. This product wants to be at the heart of the erection for a better control of the ejaculation.

Masturbation for two, how to go about it with a guy.

You are never better served than by yourself? Make him regret having considered personally (and therefore wrongly!) that masturbation was an art of love that could only be achieved alone. Here, for you, ladies and gentlemen, is some advice to surprise him! quelques conseils pour le surprendre ! 

1. Get in touch and communicate directly with him:

Listen to his reactions and watch his body language: It may be silly, but good masturbation for two starts with extra communication: ask him straight out to describe what he likes, what he doesn't like, and ask him to accompany you on this long journey towards the amorous ecstasy you both want.

In this quest for all these pleasures on command, don't forget to use our YESforLOV lubricant, the best of our intimate gels, for a fully successful masturbation, both alone and together...

Along the way, take a short break and learn how to manage your ejaculations; this is an excellent technique for solitary masturbation, which is useful and positive for both your partner and yourself. You can block the flow of semen by applying pressure to the base of the penis, the aim being to build up excitement to a climax.

2. Dare to role-play!

Why not break the routine and feed your imagination with erotic scenarios that can be adapted to the circumstances?

She's famous and you're her butler! Big deal! So what! Mistress or servant, "How can I help you today ma’am….".
Stuck in a lift, on the washing machine, blindfolded, hands tied, chain and ball on the ankles, it will be up to the tastes of both of you for scenarios never written in advance.

3.Pace yourself and don’t rush:

If you move back and forth too slowly, you are sure to get bored and your partner will fall asleep! Nothing is worse than a limp and unconvinced hand! And if you go too quickly, it will really hurt him! What a mess! Let's calm down and take it slow but steady! You are not a machine, neither is he!

Don't squeeze too hard and don't pull down too much. Forget about this mechanical back and forth, instead, stroke his testicles with an expert hand, gently sliding your fingers up and down the length of the penis for more connection. Hold the base of the penis firmly, encircling the giant.

Dare to make circular movements with the palm of your hand without rushing, and greedily run your fingers over his entire body to better seduce him! Your fairy fingers will go wherever he hopes the most and expects it the least.

Stamina is a must, repeat all your movements and synchronise them as you wish, vary the rhythm by mixing caresses and kisses. Speed up, slow down, alternate, move your hands up and down, tighten your fingers at the crown of the penis, don’t be afraid to change things up! At the climax of the shared pleasure, it's up to you to win... mutual! At the moment of orgasm, concentrate on the crown of the glans penis and squeeze it firmly at its base, it must not move an inch between your gentle hands!

4. Face him, caress yourself, play the seduction game

Men are voyeurs who get excited by what they see! Their way of seeing is a bit primitive and animal but that's how it is!

Male fantasies have a predominantly visual dimension! A straight look in the eyes, a beautifully cut shiny satin dress, sexy lingerie with elegant lace, an intimate part of your body within reach, what more could you want!

Dare to play the seduction game and bring him the Grail on a platter by caressing yourself while he masturbates.

Anything that catches a man's eye will provoke an emotional outburst from his overactive imagination.

Great, all those fantasies of the gentleman so deliciously tasted on the lady's body! And vice-versa, it goes without saying!

5. Dare to give oral sex and play oral sex games:

Combining masturbation with oral sex will only increase the level of pleasure.

In the YESforLOV range of gourmet cosmetics, you can find gourmet massage gels that can be applied to the entire body, even the penis and erogenous zones.

It's a given! Masturbation is good for both singles and couples: one at a time or in sync, as long as it doesn't damage the couple's self-esteem and lasting development. It is in a man's best interest to masturbate to relieve his sexual urges: he learns to control himself to better play with his desires, sensations, and arousal; over time, he feels more confident in his real abilities. At YESforLOV, everything that can be used to increase and prolong arousal is explored with curiosity and perseverance. Nothing is more traumatic than not knowing how to control oneself. Practising alone can help you to control your pleasure so that you can create better experiences as a couple; there’s nothing wrong with getting to know your body, whether you’re doing it alone or with a partner!