With its ability to produce mind blowing orgasms, the prostate might just be the best kept secret when it comes to male erogenous zones. This hidden treasure is located several centimeters from the anus, about 7cm to be exact, making it feel far and inaccessible, which doesn’t have to be the case. The prostate is also called to P-spot, in reference to the female G-spot, which also produces internal orgasms. These amazing P-spot orgasms are very different from those that are brought on through penis stimulation; they are far more powerful and resonate through the whole body. Unfortunately, the word prostate itself isn’t exactly known for its erotic beauty and ability to produce one massive orgasm after another, but more so for the diseases and problems that can occur there. In this article, we are here to break taboos by explain the place where anal pleasure can exist in full throttle. Because the key to a fulfilling and intimate love life lies in the knowledge you have of your own body, and the willingness to discover different forms of pleasure. Consent, trust, complicity, and relaxation are all important factors when it comes to setting the ideal foundation for which these orgasms can be felt. So come along on the journey and we will explore, together, the ways in which we can make the most of this wonderful pleasure center. .

What is the prostate? Where is it? What is it used for?

The prostate is a gland that plays an important role within a man’s urinary and reproductive system. More specifically, it is what produces the prostate fluid which is found in sperm. It thins out while protecting all the spermatozoa that are in the testicles, which improves their mobility so that they’re ready to go once they reach the uterus. Ejaculation can also be attributed to this contraction.

This gland is geographically located under the bladder and just in front of the rectum. Its location and size have a tendency to increase with age, which explains why men are prone to having certain urinary problems once they reach their fifties. It can also become very enlarged in men who are over 70 and is a common sport where different types of cancer occur.

For a long time, scientists believed that the prostate only existed in men, but thanks to experiments conducted in Austria, research has shown that women also have prostates, but in the vestigial state. There is nothing to see in terms of dimensions! These are the skene glands, according to Milan Zaviacic, an anatomy researcher who specializes in this field. These paraurethral glands are found inside the vagina. By analyzing the fluids secreted by women when they masturbate, researchers found some samples containing prostate fluid. A Slovak researcher came to the same conclusion after performing autopsies on female urethras in 2018. “This explains why women ejaculate,” says François Desgrandchamps, a urological surgeon. He does, however, specify that this phenomenon should not be confused with what is known as “squirting”.

Did you know? According to the book "The prostate, let’s talk about it" written by the same urological surgeon, the largest prostate in the world is Spanish. It weighs 4kg

In search of the P-spot and the secrets of the male prostate orgasm.

What was the purpose of this little biology lesson? Well, first off, it allows you to better understand your body and that of your partners. Even though we just clarified that the prostate does not only concern men, we are here to mainly focus on male pleasure. The prostate is an extremely erogenous gland that is prone to stimulation. So let go of any taboos or prejudices you might have against the glorious P-spot! All too often, for heterosexual men, their penis is the only source of pleasure their willing to accept.

In this article, we are not here to dissuade anyone from enjoying their penis, but more to encourage them to discover another incredible pleasure point. Our entire body is covered with powerful erogenous sensory areas that should not be neglected, and the prostate is one of them. As you know, there is the G-spot (discovered by German gynecologist Gräfenberg, who discovered the sensitivity of this area in the 50’s). The P-spot, which is the internal pleasure point for men that is innervated and muscular, located about one finger deep into the anus (approximately 7 centimeters). This area is recognizable by a small bump and a change in the texture on the upper wall of the rectum. If you want to avoid it, that’s your choice and we respect your decision, but the only risk to trying it is getting to experience a sensation of intense pleasure that’s far more powerful than anything you’ve ever felt. Unlike penile stimulation, prostate stimulation does not necessarily trigger an erection. It is considered to be much more intense since it mobilizes the entire pelvic area. Orgasms that come for the P-spot do not require any erection, and do not necessarily lead to ejaculation. Similar to the female orgasm, it has the ability to repeat without a long latency period. Experience a massive orgasm, one after another.

Our methods to initiate and reach prostate orgasm quickly.

Gentlemen, I can already see some of you trembling at the thought of losing some of your manhood. But know that prostate pleasure does not necessarily mean penetration! So, you can quietly finish reading our article. Although it is true that access is more direct through penetration, it is possible to stimulate the prostate in other ways. This small section aims to explain how to get started in discover this hidden gem.

  1. For the cautious:
    The prostate is subject to gentle stimulation (with the thumb for example), by an external perineum massage, the area between the anus and the scrotum, the "root" of the penis and testicles. For this, it is usually enough to press and maintain more or less light pressures on the perineum, which will indirectly exert pressure on the prostate.
  2. For the curious:
    Stimulation of the prostate can be done through penetration, but be careful. A prostate massage is done with the finger, be sure to turn it inwards, so that it is the pulp of the finger that is in contact with the prostate. Keep in mind, this area is very sensitive and fragile as well, so there is a risk that the fingernails could scratch the walls of the rectum. Once the P-spot is reached, you can stimulate it through making very slight back and forth movements, small circular movements, and pressing on in lightly, which can be performed with the index finger.
  3. For the more adventurous:
    The 3rd method is anal penetration that can be done with a finger, anal plug, or an anal sex toys. Be aware that there are stimulators specially designed for prostate stimulation that you can discover on the site com. When discovering new pleasures, it is imporant to respect each others desires with a little bit of curiosity…

The 7 golden rules to keep in mind before practicing anal sex.

Before embarking on the journey of discovering new sensations, there are still two or three precautions to take in terms of safety, hygiene, comfort, and state of mind.

  1. First of all, how should you prepare for sodomy? Remember to wash your intimate parts, as well as the erotic accessories that will penetrate the anus, such as your hands and anal sex toy. Also, remember to cut your nails, because the walls of the anus are very thin and fragile.

  2. Always use an intimate lubricant gel that’s water or silicone based. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not naturally lubricated. An anal lubricant allows the sphincters to relax and the fingers or sextoy to slide in more delicately. This makes penetration more pleasant for the person receiving it. Make sure you are using a generous amount of anal lube; this is not the time to be stingy. This is the same for our relaxing anal lubricant which is enriched with jojoba to relax the anal cavity. Be careful, the PH of the anal area is different from that of the vaginal area. There are intimate and sexual products on the market specifically developed to respect this area with a rigorously adapted ph. Our silicone lube with a thick consistency and our water-based lubricant are both transparent, fragrance free, and are made for maximizing anal pleasure with respect for your body. They are discreet and know how to be golden role is that the more lubricant you use, the better the experience will be. You can find out more in our article: What is the best anal lubricant?

  3. Be comfortable and relax:The apprehension of a new experience can cause partners to be a little more tense. Consent and communication are necessary in advance and are steps that should not be overlooked. Relax! A massage, gentle caress, and erotic kiss can also help you get through it.

  4. Use an appropriate anal sex toy: An anal plug can help relax the muscles that surround the anus. However, you have to be careful to start with a small one, like the bootie, from the German brand FUN FACTORY. If you choose one that’s too big, you run the risk of contracting the muscles even more, possibly making penetration painful. Once the anal plug is in place, do not try to move it, but instead, allow your body to get used to it at its own pace. Unlike vaginal penetration, back and forth movements are not necessary for pleasure.

  5. To avoid penetration that’s too painful, the anus must be sufficiently dilated in order to minimize any risk of intimate discomfort. YESforLOV recommends using an anal lubricating gel and alternating movements in order to prepare the anus. This is a form of sexual intercourse that requires you to go slow and smooth. Feel free to take a few breaks and alternate between different types of erotic foreplay.

  6. Make sure to protect yourself, because there’s still a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV. Poorly performed penetration can cause micro lesions, which allows germs to get into the blood, so it’s important to practice good hygiene and use a condom.

  7. Is anal sex dirty? Not necessarily. Taking a good shower beforehand is more than enough. After sex, do not forget to wash all the parts that have come into contact with the area before touching your partner's body again (penis, vagina, mouth, etc...). The goal is to reduce any risk of infectious contamination such as vaginitis.

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The pleasures of the prostate: how to convince your partner?

Some people may be reluctant, which might be due to the fact that it is unfairly linked to clichés and stigmas thanks to outdated social and religious beliefs. Among these stigmas is the very patriarchal vision of the manly man. It should be he who penetrates, and not the other way around. Another stereotype is that it has to be linked to one’s sexual orientation, as if a sexual practice should only be reserved for one sexuality. The modern man must forget these stereotypes and become more open-minded so that he can enjoy one of the best forms of pleasure.  

It is fundamental to talk to you partner before starting this practice. That being said, if the urge to enjoy erotic foreplay of the anus suddenly comes over you during your sessions of hot romantic sex, whisper your desires in their ear. Communication is key in a healthy relationship. It is what makes it possible to support the other throughout this new experience, but also gives you the ability talk about your fears and apprehensions, so that this can be done smoothly. A lack of communication or consent could even disgust and violate your partner. It’s important that both of you are well informed before embarking on this journey together and no one precautions to take for your health. This way, you will be able to guide each other according to your pleasures.

On the other hand, anal pleasure has a bad image that it still carries on its shoulders. It also does not seem to intrigue the scientific community much, considering the mysteries of prostate pleasure still remain one of the greatest mysteries of human sexuality. For those who are not ready, no need to worry, the pleasure is not immediate, and reluctance is normal. It takes a little time for this erogenous zone to awaken so that your most secret desires can become a reality, or not. Are you interested? If so, it’s up to you do embark on a journey filled with erotic passion so that your P-spot can finally get the attention it deserves.