In today’s society, female pleasure is talked about much more than it was before. The expectations are higher, and there are much more resources concerning a woman’s body, her erogenous zones, and the ways in which she experiences pleasure.

With the female body now demystified, we are ready to observe some of the differences that exist between the sexes. Not in a militant way, but rather to open up a discussion. We are not here to criticize or protest, but to explain these differences and why they exist. Can sex education be to blame? The fact that schools take a very conservative approach, rather than being open about female pleasure?

Deciphering the famous orgasmic gap.


What is the orgasmic gap?

The orgasm gap is the disparity between orgasms that exists between two partners. This can be explained in a few different ways: It could be that sex stops after one partner has orgasmed, so the other doesn’t get to enjoy it, or the fact that one partner feels more sensations, emotions, and enjoyment when they orgasm, compared to the other.

More often than not, this term is used in heterosexual relationships. Thanks to modern studies, we now know for sure that hetero cisgender women have a much harder time reaching orgasm than hetero cisgender men during intercourse.

For a long time, it was believed that the difference was due to a lack of knowledge women have of their own bodies, or that women take longer to cum than men. However, studies have shown that most lesbian women have no difficulties reaching orgasms with their female partners.


How can we explain the orgasmic gap?

The issue of sexual performance

When it comes to romantic relationships, it is very important for the erotic couple to feel connected, because this directly effects their sexuality. A couple that feels connected is better able to enjoy moments of sensual love making that are filled with erotic passion and love. That being said, the couple must also know that not every moment is perfect, and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. We are not robots, and not every session of hot romantic sex has to end in a massive orgasm, that’s just not realistic.

Because there is so much pressure to perform like a porn star, 2 out of 3 women admit to having had faked a crazy orgasm during sex at least once. This high percentage shows how much pressure is exerted on people, especially women, to give their partners pleasure, even if it means sacrificing their own.

In reality, the real harm comes from the fact that there is a lack of communication between both partners, and that they are adhering to social pressures. The only way in which both partners can truly enjoy sex is if they are both living fully in the moment, and not as focused on what the other is seeing.

Ignorance of his body

Enjoying one’s own erotic body through masturbation and self-discovery is essential for feeling fulfilled during sensual love making with a partner. It is essential to get to know yourself so that you know what you enjoy and what you don’t. For some women, the fact that they never explored themselves sexually can prevent them from guiding their partner to helping them experience massive orgasms.

The disparity between the relationship men and women have with their own sexuality starts during childhood. Statistically, girls are much less likely to try to discover themselves, and even feel shame touching their vulva’s, whiles men are much more likely to discover their bodies much earlier than women.

During sexual intercourse, if one partner is not fully comfortable with their own erotic body, it might hinder the connection that exists between the couple. It’s hard to enjoy these moments of hot intensity if one person is stuck in their own head, preventing them from bonding with their partner.

When penetration takes up all the place

Unfortunately, the media makes it seem as though female pleasure is based on penetrative sex and is dependent on male orgasm; in order for hot romantic sex to be successful, the man must enjoy it enough to cum. Many women also don’t know how to cum and think that it will magically happen during penetrative sex, when in fact, most female orgasms require clitoral stimulation.

Another concern that leads to the orgasm gap is the fact that clitoral stimulation is heavily disregarded as just a form of erotic foreplay. Clitoral stimulation is what holds the magical keys to unlocking female pleasure, and it should be enjoyed during sex if the woman wants to reach orgasm with her partner.


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Statistics and studies have proven that the orgasm gap in unfortunately a huge phenomenon that plagues society, but the good news is that it has decreased over time. The best thing we can do is continue educating each other and the future generations in order to close this gap.

This disparity between orgasms experienced by heterosexual women and heterosexual men can be attributed to misunderstandings, a disregard for female pleasure, or just a lack of communication. Regardless, gender differences don’t explain this, and male pleasure is not superior to female pleasure.

In order for cuddly couples to find solutions, they must focus on communication, listening, and empathy for one another. Emotional “foreplay” is just as important, if not more important, than erotic foreplay, and it should never be pushed aside.