MASSAGE OIL with a bewitching scent


A relaxing and sensual massage oil that is also an aphrodisiac. It has a light texture, is non-greasy, and does not stain clothes or sheets.

The YESforLOV body oil with a bewitching scent has been enriched with sweet almond oil for its moisturising properties, rosemary extracts to help with relaxation, and has a spicy aroma with a hint of ginger to enhance its aphrodisiac qualities.

The YESforLOV bewitching massage oil has been specifically designed to nourish the skin and awaken your senses with its heavenly scent. Ideal for sensual massage; go ahead and explore your partners body with this clever blend of natural oils that will bring their senses to life. The secret of this massage treatment lies within its monoi fragrance, which is sweet and warm with floral notes.

100 ml – 3.4 fl.oz
Made in France




  • The bewitching massage oil has been tested under dermatological control.
  • Does not stain the sheets.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or atypical.
  • VEGAN formula.
  • Cosmetovigilance : No adverse reactions have been reported to date.


Precautions for use

  • Do not apply to mucous membranes.
  • For external use only. Do not swallow. (For an intimate massage lubricant, try the YESforLOV all-over massage gel).
  • In case it comes in contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from the light at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.



MASSAGE OIL with a bewitching scent

Discover their body without restraint... let your exploration bring comfort and relief.

(Love at first touch, no shower break necessary).

Key Ingredient


To awaken your senses to inspire you on a daily basis is our mission... 
But what are the notes of this perfume that inspire my naughtiest desires?

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Why choose the massage oil with a bewitching scent?

Our couples massage oil works as a nourishing body oil and will care for your skin with its sweet almond, passion fruit, grape seed, ginger, damiana, and carrot extracts. All of which contain moisturising and toning properties that will make your skin beautiful, soft, and smooth. 

The texture of this oil is pleasing to the touch, with a luxurious feel that is neither greasy nor sticky. Our massage oil treatment soaks into the skin while leaving a delicate protective film that will keep your skin moisturised. To put it simply, no preparation is necessary, and no shower is needed once you are finished. To make it even more enticing, it does not stain the sheets.


Our YESforLOV bewitching massage oil will allow you to reconnect with your partner, indulge in some much-needed self-care, and indulge your senses with its delightful scent and texture. It will be sure to bring you a daily sense of well-being while enhancing your desires and increasing your excitement in the bedroom. This sensual skin care can be applied to the face, body, and hair.


Its mixed fragrances are suitable for both men and women.


Designed by an expert French perfumer, this fragrance will be sure to provide you with a unique and splendid sensory experience.


Its beautiful white and gold bottle is designed as a pump, so it will be sure to provide you with the perfect amount of product every time. With such a chic and elegant design, it will be sure to find its place in your bathroom or nightstand.


Its 100ml capacity allows you to perform about twenty massages.


Where is this product made?

YESforLOV is proud to be a French brand, and therefore, all our cosmetic products are made in France! Designing high quality products that are healthy for your body is our top priority. We have set the highest safety standards when it comes to formulating, manufacturing, and packaging our products.

All our massage cosmetics are tested under dermatological control and are formulated according to very strict manufacturing regulations.

Are the YESforLOV massage oils compatible with condoms?

The answer is no! Massage oils damage the latex hoods which can lead to tears that shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re looking for a massage lubricant that can be used safely on the mucous membranes and with condoms, check our YESforLOV all-over massage lubricant.

What is the best sensual massage oil?

We truly believe its ours, not just from our own experience using the product, but from the opinions of the expert judges at the victoires de la beaute competition and the editors from the magazine Marie Claire. 

Our titillating massage oil was named best massage oil in 2009, according to a criterion that was based on the naturalness of the formula, the appearance of the packaging, the sensuality of the perfume, and the smoothness of the texture.

To help yourself relax and let go of stress, you can create a cbd massage oil by adding just a few drops of the YESforLOV CBD concentrate to your body oil so that the CBD molecules can do their job in helping you experience relaxation, pleasure, and comfort.

Can we use the body massage oil as an intimate lubricant?

The answer is no! If you are looking for an intimate and lubricating massage oil for sex, try our all-over massage gel.

If you want to know our reasons why, here are 3 good reasons to avoid putting plant-based oils inside your vagina:

  • Massage oils contain perfume, and therefore allergens. It can cause itching and small allergies on sensitive mucous membranes.
  • Plant-based oils are not compatible with condoms; they make the latex porous and increase the risk of tears. This can lead to spreading STD’s as well as unwanted pregnancies. 
  • Massage oils have an alkaline pH while the normal pH of the vagina is acidic. This could disrupt the vagina’s natural balance which can lead to many different vaginal infections including yeast infections.

If you still want a sensual massage oil that can be used as an intimate lubricant, just know that our organic aloe very lubricating gel and our all-over lubricating massage gel are excellent compromises! In fact, our all-over lubricating massage gel was created for this exact purpose and is compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Is it true, the body massage oil does not stain the sheets?

Not only are we concerned about the well-being of your skin and body, but also your overall experience using our products. YESforLOV sweet almond massage oils are formulated so that they will not damage your sheets, pillows, and duvet covers, as well as your clothes and lingerie. Convenient and easy to use, our massage oils have been designed for the most demanding lovers. We are aware of what our customers need; our pump bottles are practical and do not spill or leak.

Can YESforLOV massage oils be used as moisturising body oils?

The answer is yes! YESforLOV massage oils quickly penetrate the skin and do not stick or stain clothes. They are sensual, light, and non-greasy with a texture that offers a delicate glide. They will be sure to leave your skin glowing and shiny with a satin finish.

Thanks to the sweet almond oil, our soothing body oils effectively fight dryness while deeply nourishing the skin.

Our body oil works wonders on everything it touches, such as the hair and skin. For maximum effectiveness, our body massage oil should be applied to slightly damp skin, preferably just after you shower. This allows our cosmetic active ingredients to soak deep into your skin, offering all the necessary benefits that dry and sensitive skin desires!

Is this product vegan? Was it tested on animals?

We can assure you that our YESforLOV massage oils have never been tested on animals. Health, environmental, and consumer safety has always been a top priority for YESforLOV, as well as animal rights. Since the birth of our brand, we are proud to say that no animal testing has ever been carried out by YESforLOV. To analyse the safety and security of our cosmetics, we chose to utilize clinical tests that were conducted on the skin, as well as reconstituted human vaginal epithelium.

What massage oil should I use during pregnancy ?

Almost a mom? During pregnancy, your skin is stretched to the limit and can quickly become dry and sensitive. The spike in hormones, weight gain, and stress also contributing to the skins stretching and dryness, so therefore a proper body moisturiser is recommended.

Our body oil contains sweet almond, which is the key ingredient in this product, and the best ingredient to help hydrate your skin. This product has been formulated to be a moisturising body oil and can naturally invite him to stimulate blood circulation through a massage. And because we don’t expect your beauty routine to change even while you’re pregnant, we recommend our caress cream for the bum to eliminate dead skin and clear up any irritations anywhere on your body.

For questions regarding the use of YESforLOV products during your pregnancy or breastfeeding period, we advise you to consult your doctor, midwife, or gynaecologist before using our products.


How do I choose a massage oil?

Have you decided to spend an erotic, sensual, and sweet moment with your partner? A little massage ritual is the perfect way to reconnect with your partners body and put a little erotic passion back in your love life. It is important, however, to review the criteria before choosing which massage oil to purchase. .


The first thing to help you choose which sensual intimate oil to buy is whether or not you want to use it for just a massage, or as an intimate lube as well.

At YESforLOV, we sell intimate massage oils that can be used for relaxation and making love. You will find in our unique collection the all-over massage lubricant with a bewitching fragrance, or the unscented ultimate lubricant with a fluid consistency.

If you prefer products that are a bit more tasty, you can check out our flavoured massage oils, which can be used during oral sex and are available in the flavours peach-apricot and pineapple-green tea. If craving some sweet sensations along with your relaxation, you came to the right place.

Our bewitching and titillating massage oils are perfect for classic massages.

If you’re looking for something warm that will also set the mood, YESforLOV has a range of scented massage candles which are available here.


At YESforLOV, our massage oils are natural, vegan, and respect your body as well as the environment. It is the best possible body moisturiser because it’s formulated with sweet almond oil and passion fruit to help nourish, soften, and moisturise the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Grape seed oil and cyclopentasiloxane provide an exceptional texture that allows for a smooth massage. Damiane extracts help to tone the skin while providing a sense of well-being, and carrot extracts help to improve discoloration and preserve elasticity for a perfect complexion. Ginger serves an antioxidant for your skin, while also doubling as an aphrodisiac. And the rosemary extracts act as a natural preservative, calming any discomfort on the skin.


Our fragrances have been designed by expert French perfumers so that they can take your senses on the most sensual journey imaginable. These fragrances are non-gendered and are suitable for people of any age.

The titillating scent is a beautiful perfume with a spicy aroma that is both vibrant and intense. It contains olfactory notes with warm and spicy tones that will awaken your senses.

The bewitching fragrance, on the other hand, is much more floral and tropical. Its fragrance contains sweet olfactory notes that exude sensuality and eroticism to awaken your senses.


In order to perform a good massage, you will need a massage oil that has a smooth texture, spreads well, and does not stain. YESforLOV massage oils offer exceptional gliding while also having a texture that is non-greasy and doesn’t stain. Our oils are smooth, and therefore, effectively reduce friction on the skin. If you want to take a shower, it will only be to relax your muscles, because our massage oils absorb into the skin and do not leave any residue.

For the people who prefer a texture with a feel that is more like satin and less oily, YESforLOV recommends our silicone massage oil which offers a very long glide and will leave the skin with an ultra-silky smooth finish, like cashmere.

And for those who are greedy and like to taste everything while enjoying oral sex, we have developed flavoured oils that can be applied all over the body, even on the most intimate parts.


Performing a good relaxing massage requires a little technique, but there is no doubt that will a little practice, you will be able to take your partner on a journey of extreme relaxation and sensuality.

Here are our tips for performing a pleasant and sensual massage on your partner:

  • Preferably be completely naked in an intimate setting. Don’t hesitate to set the atmosphere through dimming the lights, closing the curtains, lighting a few candles, and putting on some calming background music.
  • Gently remove your partners clothes. Feel free to kiss their neck, blindfold them, and bite their ear to add a bit of naughty sensuality.
  • Gently run your fingers along their spine to create a tickling sensation.
  • Before sensually applying the oil to their skin, rub it in between your hands in order to create a warming effect.
  • Squeeze the areas that are tight and ridden with knots. Tighten your fists and tactfully pound the areas which have the most tension. 
  • Grab a fold of skin and roll it between your fingers. Let your hands slowly slide over their body in a way that is sensual and gentle.
  • The golden rule is to never lose contact with the person who is being massaged.
  • Then, go down to the buttocks, lay both hands flat at the bottom of the spine, and exert pressure before gliding back up to the shoulder blades.
  • Make circular movements clockwise. Feel free to rub your hands against their chest, neck, and most sensitive areas.
  • Gradually move your hands away from each other to sensually caress their inner thighs.
  • Gently descend to the erogenous zones and continue innocently. Take advantage of their reaction so that you can decide what comes next… and if the massage is taken a step further, don’t forget to use an intimate lubricant or YESforLOV lubricating massage gel.



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