RÉJOUISSANCE perfume for women 100ml


Caught between harmony, sensuality, and seduction, this aphrodisiac perfume for women ignites the senses, awakens the erotic passion, and celebrates your sexual sensuality without any restraint.

Your intertwined bodies are feverishly awaiting the lid to come off the bottle so that the spicy aroma can erupt into a seductive tease.

The feminine fragrance Rejouissance makes its appearance with its irresistible notes of lime.

Like love at first spice, the duo of saffron and chili mix harmoniously with its floral notes, removing any hesitation and resistance you might have.

Its warm and spicy aroma whispers in your ear like a soft romantic kiss, while the heavenly scent of candied plums and lily dances in the background.

A loving melody then begins to arise with amber wood taking the lead, and vanilla and date following feverishly after.

This sexy perfume for women will make your partner fall victim to its erotic beauty.

This aphrodisiac perfume for women is as sensual as it is assertive. It will accompany you throughout every erotic kiss, each discreet interaction, and every moment of pure and effortless pleasure.

100ml – 3.4 fl.oz
Made in France



Precautions for use:

  • Avoid contact with eyes.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from the light at room temperature.

RÉJOUISSANCE perfume for women 100ml

Her perfume resembles her. Mysterious, irresistible, dazzling...

(And yet so fragile. So sublimely human).

Key Ingredient


To awaken your senses to inspire you on a daily basis is our mission... 
But what are the notes of this perfume that inspire my naughtiest desires?

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What makes this aphrodisiac fragrance for women unique?

Which aphrodisiac perfume will make you feel like a seductive woman full of sexual sensuality? Without a doubt, the perfume Rejouissance by YESforLOV; the first perfume that celebrates your most secret desires and deepest fantasies. This aphrodisiac perfume is an olfactory tribute to women who like to seduce, provoke, meet challenges, and reinvent the pleasure that is dancing in love.

Will you dare to wear this spicy, addictive, and sensual perfume?

This beautiful perfume is dedicated to every gorgeous women, inside and out; for all the lovers that enjoy sexual sensuality; to every women with enough bravery and confidence to confront those sweet sensations; for those who love to seduce, vibrate, and delve deeply into sensual foreplay, but with refinement, madness, and elegance; and for seductive women who love sensual and delicious experiences.

Frightening, irresistible, and dazzling... yet so fragile, so sublimely human. Its perfume celebrates love and all its carnal pleasures. Its name is the promise that its nature exalts: Rejouissance.

Does this fragrance of attraction for women contain pheromones?

No, this aphrodisiac perfume does not contain any pheromones! Our perfumer has chosen not to use pheromones in the composition of this perfume and instead, work on the olfactory pyramid using scents that not only attract men and women, but also seduce them. This way, they will be sure to remember your heavenly scent forever.

This fragrance expresses your desires and awakens your erotic passion.

The essence of this perfume is found in its inimitable, timeless, and captivating notes of vanilla which is combined tactfully with patchouli, piment, and prunes. This fragrance incites a carnal olfactory dimension, one which is subtle, but at the same time assertive and free.

Rejouissance is the most erotic and sexy perfume for women.


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