Because we know how precious your intimacy is, because loyalty is a mark of respect, and because for us too, pleasure is only worthwhile if we are in total complicity... here is our proposal to accompany you until the very end of your intimacy.

Christian PALIX, founder of YESforLOV


How do you earn loyalty points?

In order to earn loyalty points, all you have to do is make a purchase on our online store.
With each purchase, you earn points according to the following rule:

£1 spent = 1 LOV’coin gained.
10 LOV’coins = £1 back.

Your points earned are rounded down to the nearest
ten pounds, excluding postage and discounts received, there is no time limit.
The more you accumulate them, the more significant 
discounts you will enjoy.
  • 50 LOV'coins = A reduction of £5 
  • 100 LOV'coins = A reduction of £10
  • 250 LOV'coins = A reduction of £30
  • 300 LOV'coins = A reduction of £40


You must accumulate a minimum of 50 LOV’coins in order to transform your coins into a coupon.


Sponsor your friends!

For each person you refer that places an order on the site, you will receive a reward of £5.

Upon registration, your friend will also receive a £5 discount voucher that can be used immediately.


Find us on social networks and get rewarded:

  • One "Like" on our Facebook page = 25 LOV’coins earned.
  • One "Follow" on our Instagram page = 25 LOV’coins earned.


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Do I get a surprise for my birthday?

  Each year, YESforLOV gives you 100 LOV'coins equivalent to £10.

(On the date you created your account.)


How do I use my LOV'coins?

The YESforLOV sponsorship & loyalty program is free without any obligation.

My LOV' coins are for your personal use only and cannot be transferred as they are directly linked to your customer account. You can sponsor as many people as you'd like and continue to accumulate vouchers. You can only sponsor the same person once.

To use my LOV' coins, just copy and paste them or click on the promo code that's available in your cart. The discount is instantly applied.


How do I see how many LOV'coins I have?

To find out how many LOV'coins you have available:

Connect to your account.


The YESforLOV loyalty and partnership program is designed to provide benefits to YESforLOV's loyal customers based on the purchases they make on the website. YESforLOV reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions. YESforLOV is exonerated from all liability for all consequences, direct and idirect, that might occur if the Loyalty and Sponsorship program malfunctions. If you encounter any difficulties in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at contact@yesforlov.com and we will help you find a solution to your problem.