MASSAGE CANDLE with a titillating scent


To ignite the warmth of their skin and harness that delight through the touch of your hands, YESforLOV has designed the first natural massage candle that will ignite and bring to life their senses.

This massage candle has been formulated with soy wax, beeswax, and natural oils that are known for their abilities to regenerate and soften the skin.

With a delicate texture and non-greasy touch, this creamy body oil will provide the perfect excuse to enjoy a magical, rejuvenating, and seductive massage. While it is warm and delightful, it does not burn the skin.

The YESforLOV massage candle with a titillating scent encompasses an irresistible fragrance that’s made up of warm and spicy notes, perfect for people of all ages and genders. Allow this candle to take up a permanent space on your nightstand so that it’s always ready to create a romantic atmosphere and ignite the flame that will fill your love life with sexual sensuality and erotic passion.

To make this candle as convenient as possible, it is equipped with a spout for mess-free pouring and a lid that will easily and safely extinguish the flame; perfect for preserving the beautiful perfume and protecting the product from dust.

The titillating massage candle from YESforLOV is the ideal accessory you need to keep the romance burning fiercely so that your romantic evenings are always filled with warmth.


120g – 4,25 oz
Made in France



  • The titillating massage candle was tested under dermatological control.
  • Does not stain the sheets. 
  • Is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 
  • Cosmetovigilance: No adverse reactions have been reported to date.

Precautions for use

    • To avoid any risk of allergy, first test the product on a small area of of your skin.
    • Rinse the product with water if redness or itching appears.
    • Do not apply the product to mucous membranes and other sensitive areas (intimate mucous membranes, eyes, lesions, open wounds, etc.).
    • For an intimate massage gel that doubles as a lubricant, use the YESforLOV allover lubricating massage gel.
    • Do not swallow product.
    • Do not leave the lid on while using the candle.
    • Turn off the candle after use.
    • Never leave the candle unattended.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not place the candle on a flammable or fragile surface.
    • Do not allow the candle to burn for more than three consecutive hours.

Special storage conditions:

Store away from light and at room temperature.
Use-by date: 12 months after opening.

MASSAGE CANDLE with a titillating scent

Play with fire. Caress generously without hesitation. Cherish the beauty of their skin.


Key Ingredient


The skin and mucous membranes are a treasure which cannot be cheated... 
Discover our thoughts and explore the benefits of this ingredient on your intimacy.

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How do you make the massage candle?

The YESforLOV body candle is manufactured in France under very strict regulations for good manufacturing practices. Our products are dermatologically tested to avoid allergic reactions.

They have been formulated with soy wax to help your skin maintain its silky smooth feel as well as its ability to regenerate. It also contains sesame oils, which help soften the outer layer, while coconut oil and beeswax exfoliate your skin, making it clean and smooth. This massage candle with softening properties does not contain any mineral wax.

Why choose the YESforLOV massage candle

The best massage candles are those that do not stain your sheets, leave the skin silky smooth, and offer a fluid and non-greasy glide that’s similar to that of massage oil.

Our massage beeswax candle is made in FRANCE and is composed of natural ingredients which were specifically selected to create a sensual texture that it will not leave a layer of grease on your skin. It is not necessary to take a shower afterwards, our warming massage oil will absorb into your skin so that you’re feeling fresh and ready to go after your massage.

The shape of its pot has been created so that you are able to pour on the body oil conveniently and without a mess.

Both tactful and pretty, the ribbon prevents overflows by catching any excess oil that escapes… so go ahead and offer it to your partner so you can tell them, through your fingertips, just how much you love their skin.

Its spout makes it easy to apply.

Our high-quality candle wicks are well sized and have been pre-waxed to withstand the flames and tests of time. It yields little smoke and no leftover soot.

In addition, this body candle will create a romantic atmosphere and provide just enough light even after the massage has ended while the spicy aroma will fill the room with erotic passion… because who knows where the night will take you.

How to use the aphrodisiac massage candles?

For a successful romantic experience, we advise you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is tranquil and sensual; dim the lights, put on some background music, and light the candle 10 minutes beforehand so that the wax has time to melt. Allow its titillating scent and delicate flame to put your body at ease so that your ready for your journey of relaxation. 

After you have waited for the wax to melt, check to see if the temperature suits you, and then gently pour the warming massage oil over your partner’s skin either directly or by hand. Go ahead and use as much candle oil as you want, before offering your partner the most luxurious, sensual, and unforgettable massage.


How many massages does one 120g candle allow?

Our massage candle has been designed for 20 to 25 massages.  
This YESforLOV
scented candle can also serve as a room fragrance.  
Leave it on to ignite your senses.

Is it safe to use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No scientific studies have shown that the use of our cosmetic products present any risk to pregnant women and their fetuses. The international cosmetics regulations do not require specific safety measures tailored for women that are pregnant.

When used as indicated, the YESforLOV massage candle with a titillating scent does not present any danger or risk to women that are pregnant or lactating. As always, we advise consumers with specific concerns to consult their doctors or gynaecologists, especially when it comes to questions that are related to your pregnancy.




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