Christian PALIX, creator of the YESforLOV, is here in full transparency. He wants everyone to have access to high-quality intimate products so that they can experience beauty, quality, and connection, whether as individuals or within their relationships. This man is a perfectionist, and aims for excellence, expertise, mastery, and refinement in everything he does. Christian Palix is a hedonist in love and a specialist in innovative concepts (we can thank him for creating clust.com, voted start-up of the year 2000). He is here to present the first brand of cosmetics purely dedicated to pleasure.

The love, sensitivity, and talent of YESforLOV’s creator.

After having successfully founded 3 companies based on innovative concepts in the world of sports, tourism, and distribution, it is almost by chance that Christian discovered the perfume and cosmetics industry.

It all started with a discovery he made in his personal life. While searching for specific products to meet certain needs, he was only able to find pharmaceutical products that lacked sensuality, as well as racy performative products with questionable ingredients and no discretion.  

But for Christian, love is something else entirely. It must be provocative, sensitive, resolutely dedicated to refined pleasures, and erotic. And whatever form love takes, this unique feeling and precious beyond must be magnified and brought to its climax.

His boldness and intuition quickly allowed him to create and launch the first cosmetics brand entirely devoted to the pleasures of love, supported in his approach by his close team and his friends in perfumery.

Thus, YESforLOV, the first pleasure cosmetics brand was born:

"Typically chic, glamorous, and made in France, YESforLOV combines an unrivalled demand for quality and natural ingredients with innovative and refined packaging.

A brand that sublimates love in its feverish preparation, its shared games, and its secret and rare moments. A brand that allows couples to relish in the beauty that is each other’s bodies and discover each other, as if for the first time. A brand that is here to support loving in all its forms, whether as individuals, couples, and even groups. Christian has created products with every sexuality, gender orientation, and sexual practice in mind. For Christian, everyone is entitled to sensuality.

Christian, who is a poet, hopeless romantic, and entrepreneur, likes to transmit his passions and share his emotions. He is honest and transparent when it comes to his products, and will openly answer any questions regarding his formulas, as well as his inspiration and motivation that went into creating them. He continues to learn and listen so that he can be the best possible ambassador for his high-quality products, which reflect both his dedication and imagination.

Interview with Christian PALIX (CEO of YESforLOV).

Christian, you claim to be a hedonist in love, can you elaborate?

Our society puts a lot of pressure on people to be “performers” in the bedroom. People are expected to have high libidos and endless amounts of energy all while utilising tactics that are seen only in adult films. There is nothing beautiful and romantic about orgasming just for the sake of orgasming. I prefer hedonistic reciprocity in love relationships. People should be able to connect deeply with each other and share pleasure without any pressure.

I don't believe that the satisfaction you get from your sex life is directly related to the number of orgasms you’ve had. On the contrary, I am certain that it is linked to the desire you have for the other, from the complicit bonds that you share, to the intensity of the feelings you’ve experienced.

Love is not just sex. The act of love can be a stolen kiss on the corner of the lips. It's the feeling you get when you lock eyes and the curve of a hip longing to be caressed. A kiss shared through strong emotions and unexplained desire is more beautiful than a robotic ejaculation in a Durex balloon.

 Christian, what is your craziest desire when it comes to the YESforLOV project?

Revealing everything women and men have always wanted to know about their bodies and those of their partners, their unsuspected sources of pleasure, and their most secret aspirations.

Celebrate the eternal pleasure that is dancing in love by awakening the senses on a daily basis, encouraging everyone to break the sad spiral of repetition. To awaken the magic, instinct, and wild joy.

To embody the ultimate reference for generous and undivided comfort and pleasure, all while preserving the freedom and individuality of each person. From intimacy to sexuality, from care to eroticism, it is in a deep spirit of truth, trust, and respect for the integrity of each person: for both partners and individuals.

That each of us may open our relationship to new pleasures while preserving our intimacy and that each of us may express our deep individuality while sharing pleasure.

YESforLOV is not only a solution to a vast number of sexual and romantic problems, but it is also a tool to make those intimate moments even more beautiful. It is here to make intimacy more erotic, connected, and sensual, all while respecting and caring for the integrity, health, and individuality of each person that has given us their trust.

Christian, who is YESforLOV for?

YESforLOV is not aimed for the sexual elite. For me, all bodies are equal. Infinitely desirable and precious, from a morning shower to naughty nights spent in the sheets. Infinitely respectable in their aspiration for well-being, sensuality, and erotic games.

I created YESforLOV for all those who wish to take control the pleasure of their intimate and sensual being: women, of course, who are leaders in this contemporary trend towards eroticization, but also men, who wish to share pleasure and put forward their taste for refinement and differentiation. As well as those who do not wish to identify with any gender orientation, but desire to live out their sexuality in whatever way they see fit.

Christian, what ingredients are used in the compostion of the products?

For 10 years, YESforLOV has been guaranteeing a product line that is 100% French-made, without alcohol, parabens, allergens, mineral oils, and colouring agents.

More specifically, for intimate care products, we rely on an exclusive "Lov Care" complex developed in-house, which is specifically designed to soothe, moisturize, regenerate and provide optimal comfort to intimate mucous membranes.

Carefully formulated by our researchers, its innovative formula combines several actions:

  • The synergistic action of horse chestnut, caffeine, and bisabolol calms irritation and burning sensations, while preventing skin reactions to external aggressors.

  • Wild mallow, known for its moisturizing and softening properties, brings softness and suppleness to the skin.

  • Zinc, a trace element, is actively involved in cell renewal, is coupled with liquorice for optimal regeneration of the mucous membranes.

  • For pleasure products, the formulas will seek sensuality in the textures with active ingredients, such as Tapioca, which leaves a powdery talcum finish on the skin or aromatic oils, such as passion fruit, damiana, rosemary, sweet almond for relaxation. But our real differentiation lies in the olfactory dimension that accompanies our products.


With the help of renowned perfumers, we decided to create our own perfumes, such as the bewitching scent, which celebrates the loving embrace. These mysterious perfumes carry you away and take you to a world of romance and unexplainable pleasure. Without revealing their compositions, they are based on pink berries, chilli, cinnamon, lily, jasmine, date, and honey.

Demanding, innovative, and refined, our brand meets all the needs of hygiene, protection and intimate pleasures. We are proud to announce that today, it is the most complete brand available on the market.

Christian, what are the cosmetic aspects of YESforLOV products?

YESforLOV is a unique brand in this respect. Each product we develop responds to a function and a need, but for me, it was essential to integrate a cosmetic component. Thus, our massage oils are above all products that moisturize and nourish the skin. These oils work wonders on the skin every morning.

Another example is our moisturizing intimate lubricant. Apply it if you get sunburned, and you will see that it is more effective than any after-sun you’ve tried!

As for our caress cream for the buttocks, I still remember a conversation with this mother who was consulting dermatologists for her daughter and could not find a product that would relieve the itching on her arm. Within a week of applying it, her daughter had a smile on her face.

More generally, the skin and intimate mucous membranes are a treasure that cannot be cheated, and we are committed to combining all the benefits nature has to offer under the enlightened guidance of state-of-the-art technology.

For an intimate life that is fulfilled, free and serene.

Christian, which product is your favourite?

Without hesitation, our caress cream for the buttocks.

For me, the bum is an object of fantasy and lust. They conceal what we cannot control and attract our gaze as if under a spell.

So, for those who want to spoil their bums with a little extra love and care, I wanted to create a caressing cream that serves as a divinely naughty and a delicate beauty treatment which serves as a pretext for the most torrid of fantasies. A skincare cream for two, to be applied languorously and feverishly... or violently perhaps? It's up to you to find the most delicious excuse!