You might think that people who align their sex lives with the different stages of the lunar cycle are the same kind of people who have deep conversations with plants, but believe it or not, it’s actually not that absurd. It’s no secret that the different stages of the moon can affect the behaviour of both people and animals, and while there is no absolute proof, studies have found correlations in behaviour changes related to the moon.

So, when it comes to sexuality, it should come as no surprise that the lunar cycle can have an influence on that as well. There’s no shame in checking the moon for a little intimate inspiration, you might be surprised by how much it tells you.  


The moon, the great mistress of nature and fertility

No, thinking that the moon can influence our erotic passion and romantic behaviours is not astrology. For a very long time, scientists have thrown the influence of the lunar cycle on the dusty shelves reserved for irrational beliefs and superstitions. And yet, more recently, several studies have shaken things up by showing that the moon can do more to terrestrial life rather than just illuminating it.

So, how does the moon influence human behaviour, our emotions, and our sensual love making? Naturally, no solid scientific evidence has been provided until today. However, it is true that the Moon controls the tides, and since we know that a large part of the human physiological composition consists of water, wouldn’t it be logical to believe that we are influenced by it as well? Whether in the mechanical functioning of our erotic body or in the psychological functioning of our emotions, feelings, and sweet sensations.

In addition, many questions have been directed towards the link that could be between the lunar cycle and the female menstrual cycle. The lunar cycle has a duration of about 29.5 days while the menstrual cycle has an average duration of 28 days. And while this may seem like a coincidence to some, it is not to others.

Some ancient cultures, like the Greeks, Incas, and Chinese for example, used a single figure to represent both the moon, female menstrual cycles, and fertility. While some might see this as a coincidence, there are scientists who don’t think so; according to some researchers, if the menstrual cycle is synchronized with the lunar cycle, the chances of reproduction are multiplied, as is the case with many animals. This also means that our love behaviours are impacted as well.


The influence of the lunar cycle on our sexuality

For reasons of academic curiosity, let's imagine that you are planning your next magic weekend according to the moon, hypothetically speaking. How do you choose the perfect timing?

How does the lunar cycle work?

Be aware that the moons cycle moves around the Earth in 9 different phases, each represented by a different amount of light.

Among these 9 phases, there are 4 major phases: the new moon which appears black when it leaves, the waxing moon where it "grows", the full moon when it reaches its maximum amount of light, and finally the waning moon, when the light decreases until it becomes black.

If the moon were to dictate our desires...

Each major phase would have a decisive influence in your sensual love making. Here's what you can expect according to each phase of the moon.

The new moon : exploration and discoveries

The new moon, in the most obvious sense, is representative of new beginnings, discoveries, and explorations. Through the link we see between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle, the new moon coincides with the end of a woman's period, which amounts to a "new beginning". According to several astrologers, the new moon is the best time to explore new sexual experiences and allow your secret desires to come to life; a new place, a new position, a new toy, a new game of desire, like prostate stimulation if you haven’t yet tried... If you want to reinvent your sex life and think outside the box, now is clearly the right time. In this regard, do not hesitate to take a look at our article "How to reinvent your sex life through play." with all our tips and product suggestions.

The waxing moon : personal pleasure in the spotlight

This period lasts a week. During this time, the moon grows, and light gradually returns to the Earth. Astrologers believe that this phase is the ideal time to reconnect with oneself, and to focus on one’s own feelings, sweet sensations, secret desires, and emotions. When it comes to sex, it couldn’t be clearer: make way for solo pleasure and masturbation, self-exploration, and all the pleasure that you can bring to yourself. Like sexual introspection, take time for yourself. Self-caresses and seductive massages are a great way for you to reconnect with yourself during this time.

The full moon : creasing desires and craves

The full moon is when the amount of light projected on Earth is at its maximum, which, in a metaphorical sense, is supposed to shed light on your sexual desires and libido according to astrological theory. This phase lasts only 1 day. Depending on your menstrual cycle, this period also corresponds to when a woman ovulates, where hormones and energy level are at their highest. These fertility signals in women can trigger all sorts of pheromones, making it the time when arousal is at its peak, for both you and your partner. Your erotic passion is increased tenfold and sexual desire is much more present than during the other phases. Feel the hot intensity, explore their erotic body, connect with them, and enjoy massive orgasms... If there is a moment when bodies bind in full power, it is under the sign of the full moon!

The waning moon : tenderness, sweetness and communication

After the period of the full moon, the light gradually reduces and darkens every night for a week. During this phase, the couple's hormone levels can seem delicate. Ovulation is over; Estrogen is low while testosterone is high. While this impending darkness might make hot romantic sex a less exciting prospect than it was in the middle of the full moon, now is the time to recharge the batteries. For the couple, this means enjoying relaxing moments of sexual sensuality and tenderness. Partners are more interested in cuddling, comforting, and taking care of themselves. This is the perfect time to step back, contemplate the pleasure you offer each other, communicate with your partner, and prepare to fully enjoy the next new moon. This is your charging phase. It's up to you to make good use of it.


Whether it is governed by the cycle of the moon, or simply by your desires or moods, it is essential to remember that sexuality comes in several phases. Sometimes it is lower than usual, and other times it is ready to explode the libido-meter (you understand, beware of the full moon). The most important thing is for you to listen to yourself; your erotic body, your needs, emotions, and desires are the most important factors. It is important to keep in mind that we are all different, we all function in different ways, and we all have different rhythms and cycles!