Your bedroom is your sacred place for love, a place where your body rests and relaxes, where your relationship is strengthened, where your energies come together and unite harmoniously. In order to nurture your relationship, it is important to care for your room as well.

Feng Shui allows us to keep your sacred bedroom in harmony with your erotic body so that you can live out a fulfilled and beautiful dream sexuality. Let’s explore this practical philosophy together.


Feng Shui, the secret to improving your sex life

What is Feng Shui?

Literally "wind" and "water", Feng Shui is a thousand-year-old Chinese technique that seeks to create and restore balance and harmony in living spaces, by allowing qi (pronounced chi), the vital energy, to circulate.

Surely you have organized your office to work methodically and efficiently. Your living room may be arranged so that you can watch TV comfortably while having an unobstructed view of your garden. But have you ever thought about reorganizing your room in order to find harmony in your relationship? This is the secret of Feng Shui.


Does Feng Shui have an influence on the harmony of the couple?

Like acupuncture for your living space, Feng Shui can bring positive energy to your interior, while also influencing the erotic passion and connection that exists between a couple; the bedroom is an important place for every cuddly couple.

Feng Shui is not just reorganizing your furniture and facing your bed north or south in order to sleep better. It is also understood that sometimes we work against our intimate happiness, like putting our bed against the wall to save space actually prevents energy from passing to one side of the bed.

It is believed that sensitive energies can slip between our furniture and help us find harmony and happiness. Some contemporary Fen Shui schools even emphasize the idea that tidying up and changing the layout of your room can boost your sensual love making.

It is similar to the sweet sensation you get through opening the shutters to let the sun in and opening the windows to purify your room with fresh morning air. It is a renewal that feels good, inside your body and your mind.

The benefits of a Feng Shui life

A return to oneself and to the essentials

As you know, your room is a sacred place, and to keep it sacred, you'll need to keep it tidy. Besides just keeping it clean and not leaving your clothes on the floor, it is also essential to keep it free of useless, bulky, or old objects, and to keep just the essentials you need for your well-being.

To get started, get rid of all the items you associate exclusively with work: laptops, planners, business cards, and pens. Even if it’s subconscious, these objects can create a stressful and cluttered atmosphere in your room. Also, get rid of objects you associate with the past: unread books, newspapers, and old magazines can occupy a place in your brain and prevent you from focusing on yourself. You do not need to throw them in the trash, but simply place them in another room in which they will find their place.

Nothing should be hanging around so that you can feel a sense of calmness and purity when you enter your room.

Balance and harmony within your relationship

The organization of your room reflects the balance within your relationship. A couple cannot thrive in a room where objects pile up and don’t have a place, and where the furniture prevents energy from flowing. Leaving some space in your bedroom is equivalent to telling the other person that you respect their space as well. If you can find a place to store all your stuff, then your relationship will find a place in your room as well.

If you can, it is recommended to leave an equal amount of space on both sides of the bed and decorate them symmetrically. This could mean finding two identical bedside tables with two identical lamps. The harmony that exists around the marital bed allows the couple to feel balanced and open to sexual exchanges.

A libido regained, and sex fulfilled and liberated

A tidy and well-organized room is far more sensual than one that is full of clutter. With an atmosphere that is full of sexual sensuality, the erotic scene is set for you and your partner to enjoy sensual love making. According to Feng Shui, a cluttered room results in a cluttered mind, and if you are distracted, you won’t be present to enjoy hot romantic sex. With a refined space, your mind will be free to circulate the room and flourish, especially when it comes to living out your most secret desires. It is in this space that you can happily dream and surrender to the erotic passion that exists within your relationship.

Having a clutter-free and tidy space tells your partner that they can exist there peacefully. It is an important message that every cuddly couple deserves to receive.

Our tips for a Feng Shui room

Create a warm atmosphere

Our mind creates memories according to the atmosphere and the smells that exist there. For your room, it’s the same. Creating an atmosphere that remains the same sends a signal to our brains that this is the place for rest.

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Choose the colors of your room carefully

Instinctively, one would tend to associate bright red and pink colors with love and romance, but such colors would not be soothing enough for the mind in a room where rest is sacred.

Instead, choose warm shades that come close, such as purple tones, brick shades, blush, or pastels. Even without repainting, a few small touches of color can make a difference. Try salmon-colored sheets or decorative pillows, or a few pink touches, like your curtains.

Adapt your lighting

Prefer adjustable light sources that you can easily adapt according to your desires. Choose low-wattage bulbs for a soft, subdued ambience that embraces comfort.

The idea is to choose warm lights that will perfectly highlight your erotic body.

Choose a headboard

As a final touch to decorating your bedroom, a headboard brings a more adult look. Not only is it very useful in terms of storage, but it also helps frame the bed and give you a feeling of comfort, security.

Note objects to avoid

Mirrors. Unless your room is completely dark at night, mirrors have a Yang energy, opposed to the feminine energy of Ying, which is to be utilized in your bedroom. Also, mirrors placed towards the bed reflect the couple’s external image and are believed to subconsciously introduce infidelity by doubling the energy of whatever is reflected in them, which in this case, would mean adding more people to you sex life. It is also believed to prevent your body from relaxing while you’re sleeping.

Paintings and photos that display feelings of loneliness, sadness, or anger, even if they’re beautiful works of art. Their symbolism influences your emotions, and their energy diffuses and remains stored in your room. Refrain from putting up family photos or children’s drawings as well; the room should be exclusively dedicated to the intimate well-being of the erotic couple, not the family.

Everything that radiates and can be a source of annoyance; the computer, television, telephone, and anything that symbolically evokes something other than intimacy.

Dried flowers, which symbolize death and all that is no more, are to be avoided because they slow down the circulation of positive energies.

Anything that evokes aggression, such as sharp objects or plants with thorns, which send negative messages to our brains and create a negative atmosphere.


Most importantly, remember that your room is an intimate place, a sacred temple that deserves your attention and care when it comes to arranging it. It must represent the best version of yourself, which is at peace and happy. It is essential for you to know how to share this intimate space and to know how to maintain the harmonious balance that exists within your relationship, as well as yourself.

You know what you must do!