Japanese erotic massage is known for its great sensuality as well as its physical and psychological benefits. The Nuru massage invites itself into your home and into your relationship so that you can discover its many benefits.  

Discover the art of Japanese body to body massage, as well as our tips for performing your own Nuru massage at home.



What does "nuru" mean in Japanese? "Nuru", in Japanese, means "to paint, varnish, and apply a balm or ointment".

The Japanese word consists of two "kanji’s", which are Japanese signs:

= painting, with the ideas of water, earth, man, from a horizontal position.

= the action of doing

 Nuru massage uses an ancestral Japanese technique that’s very intimate and sensual. This technique is called "Nuru" because it relies on a gliding motion between the two bodies. You don't just massage with your hands: the masseuse relaxes the person their massaging with their entire erotic body.

 Traditionally, both people are completely naked. The person massaging coats the other's body with a "nuru" gel (a fragrance-free gel made of natural nori seaweed), and practices horizontal back-and-forth movements.

Today, the Nuru massage can be performed in a spa by a professional masseuse.  Accessories specific to certain body treatments, such as massage sticks and balls are not necessary with the nuru massage: it is really a skin-to-skin massage. Several parts of the body such as elbows, chest, arms, and legs can be used in this practice.


Nori seaweed, also known as Porphyry, is a very popular edible seaweed that can be found in our miso soups and maki rolls, which are Japanese dishes with great nutritional qualities.

 Used as part of the Nuru massage, Nori seaweed has many benefits to offer:

· Nori seaweed is rich in nutrients; It contains a variety of vitamins (such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and E) and essential minerals like iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

· Nori seaweed supports the immune system: antioxidants, such as vitamins A and C found in seaweed help to strengthen our immune systems. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties protect the body from various infections and diseases.

· Nori seaweed strengthens hair and skin. The vitamins and minerals found in Nori, including zinc and vitamin A, play an important role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. These nutrients contribute to the prevention of skin problems and healthy hair growth.


Due to its very sensual character, the Nuru massage appeals to many couples: it establishes a new physical connection and a real physical and psychological pleasure to be shared between the two partners; it’s good for the body, heart, and mind. The Nuru massage brings significant excitement into the intimate life of those who enjoy it: it awakens desires, deeply relaxes the body, and helps to nourish the erotic imagination.

A moment that you offer to yourself.

 The Nuru erotic massage, in its great sensuality, offers those who practice it an immense feeling of well-being. Whether you are giving the massage or enjoying it, the practice of erotic massage helps to reduce stress and evacuate the bad energies accumulated during a busy work day. It's the moment when you find yourself with the other, but also with your yourself and your own body. The physical touch of massage can help increase levels of oxytocin, the hormone associated with feelings of happiness, fullness, relaxation, and letting go. To receive this physical connection is to accept to let go, to offer oneself a unique moment, for one's physical and mental health.

 Bringing the couple closer together in their intimacy

 Erotic massage is also a gift that you give to your partner. It's a unique experience that we offer our relationship, to help strengthen our bond.  Nuru massage also helps to improve communication between the partners: it is essential to listen to the other’s desires, feel the movements of their body  , observe their expressions, and follow their directions. It's a very private moment where listening carefully is incredibly exciting and challenging.

 Awaken desires and reach orgasm

 Erotic massage also tends to awaken desires and nourish the erotic imagination by means of very sensual touch. It is excellent to practice during "foreplay" in order to create a deeper connection and build up the arousal little by little.

Through this unexplored sensuality, the body to body connection reinforces your tension and sexual energy. It is even possible to reach orgasm without penetration.



The secret is the massage oil

 Traditionally, Nuru gel is chosen for its fluidity and benefits. Also, it is important to choose an oil that can go anywhere, to massage all areas, even the private parts, without going back to square one.

At YESforLOV we can offer you two products:

· The all-over lubricating massage is ideal for the practice of Nuru: it is a massage oil formulated with silicone to offer an unbeatable glide. Deliciously scented with a bewitching fragrance, its scent is absolutely addictive and will plunge you deep into a hot and sensual atmosphere.

· Natural & organic seaweed lubricant: a more natural and ecological version, our seaweed-enriched lubricant offers you all the benefits of seaweed.

If you use an oil, remember to protect your massage area with a towel to avoid stains and to be able to indulge in the erotic massage in complete serenity.

Relax your partner's body

 To immerse yourselves in this sensual moment, it is first necessary to relax your bodies. Take the time to decorate the room to create a warm atmosphere: a tidy bedroom, light scented candles, play soft and sensual music in the background, this can help the mind disconnect and let go.

After smearing your partner with gel or oil, connect your body to theirs. Be careful, it slips! Lying on top of your partner, start by moving back and forth very slowly, before focusing on specific areas such as the torso, the hollow of their back, or the inner thighs.

Most importantly, don't let go of the psychological connection: talk, communicate, whisper, look at each other, ask if everything is okay, and what he or she wants. During these moments of intense physical contact, it is important to continue to exchange and talk to each other.

 Prefer sensuality to sexuality

 Yes, erotic massage will make you want to slip up and take action right away. But that's not the point of practice. When massaging your partner's genital area (after spending a long time on the other less erogenous parts of their body), keep in mind that the goal here is not orgasm. Open her lips without touching the clitoris, play with his penis but always with very slow caresses. The goal is not to reach ejaculation: if it happens, it's no big deal, but we don't take it into account. The trick is to do good for your partner by helping them feel and relax.


Inviting erotic massage into your home means offering yourself a sense of well-being in your personal life as well as in your relationship. It's a great way to learn to let go, awaken your desires, and explore new intimate sensations.

All you have to do is decide who will massage the other...