For some of us, the road to personal fulfilment goes through a gender transition: an initiatory journey that may involve taking hormones.

This can bring about significant changes in the lives of these people, including the impact it has on their anatomy, particularly the clitoris. This little pearl of pleasure can indeed experience hypertrophy and become a "dicklit", a sensitive organ that requires special care.

In this article, YESforLOV, your intimate and sexual cosmetics brand, explains how to take care of this often misunderstood and underestimated organ.


The excessive increase in the size of the clitoris, known as "hypertrophy," is when the glans of this organ deviates from its usual size, which is normally between 3 and 4 centimetres. In the case of hypertrophy or a dicklit, its wingspan can exceed ten centimeters, or even more. It is important to make the distinction between an enlarged clitoris and a dicklit.

Although both of these terms refer to an increase in the size of the clitoris, enlargement can be symptomatic of a disease. It is a rather unusual condition that can arise due to different factors in different individuals. For example, it can be caused by hormonal abnormalities, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, or be caused by clitoral tumours or cysts.

As for the dicklit, it appears when masculinizing hormones are ingested by a transgender person to bring about a transition. Under the effect of these hormones, in particular testosterone, the clitoris observes an increase in its size. This phenomenon is due to the clit’s sensitivity to this hormone, just like the penis in cisgender men. Although these changes are natural and expected - and it is also the first change that we generally observe when we start taking testosterone - each person is unique and can react differently to these transformations. It is therefore important to take care of this precious organ and to offer it the delights of sensuality.



The metamorphosis of the clitoris into a dicklit intensely modifies its sensitivity by either increasing or decreasing it. If, in the case of an increase in sensitivity, this can be an asset to reach ecstasy more easily, the dicklit nevertheless requires more attention and gentleness than a classic clitoris. Taking care of your dicklit is an act imbued with delicacy and love. Accepting this part of yourself and offering it tenderness is the first step towards a fulfilling relationship with this very important part of your anatomy. The hypertrophy of the clitoris, often dreaded during a gender transition, requires special attention. Often, one may experience some discomfort and the pain is more prevalent than the pleasure. Fortunately, this is change and the discomfort will pass. With a lack of information, it is essential to prepare for this change gently, by accompanying this transformation with unconditional love.

Here are some tips to stimulate your dicklit and take care of it:

  • Contemplate your dicklit and awaken it: in front of a mirror, take the time to rediscover this part of your body and cherish it. You can use our hydrating intimate serum to gently reconnect with your body
  • Explore the pleasures that your dicklit can offer during masturbation, savour the sensations and let yourself be carried away in a bewitching ecstasy.
  • Arm yourself with your moisturizing intimate lubricant or a YESforLOV arousal gel to avoid any unpleasant friction and treat yourself to exquisite caresses with your fingertips. Indeed, the dicklit emerges from the vulva and is therefore devoid of its natural lubrication . The use of intimate lubricant is therefore essential to feel all the pleasure that your dicklit has to offer. We also recommend the CBD Concentrate which is suitable for both over-sensitized and under-sensitized dicklits: its soothing effect contributes to vasodilation.
  • If you want to use intimate toys and sex toys, pay close attention to which ones you choose. Opt for delicate stimulations that suit the sensitivity and size of your clitoris. Clitoral stimulators designed with a deep tip, which encompasses every curve and crease of your dicklit, can give you unparalleled ecstasy. If you want, and if your dicklit isn't too sensitive, you can also indulge in the thrills of the Fun Factory vibrating toys available here on our store .
  • Listen to the whispers of your body. During your lovemaking sessions, pay attention to its signs. Do not hesitate to change positions or to stop the caresses if you feel friction or discomfort. Your dicklit is an incredibly sensitive treasure; each caress stimulates it with more powerful sensations than before. Repetitive movements can then become uncomfortable. To spare it, it is enough to vary the movements and positions in order to avoid any weariness or irritation.
  • Under the caress of the water, the dicklit reveals itself in all its sensitivity and fragility. This so intimate part of your anatomy, usually sheltered from the vulva, is revealed naked and therefore requires appropriate care during your daily toilet. Be careful not to hit it with too hot water or too aggressive a shower gel. She deserves to be pampered with soft, pure water, in a gesture of tenderness. While drying it, pat it with a clean towel, showing infinite delicacy so as not to offend its sensitivity.
  • In order to avoid irritation and inconvenience, it is important to choose comfortable clothes. The skin of the dicklit, being particularly sensitive, deserves constant attention. Bring it comfort on a daily basis by carefully choosing your underwear. If you frequently experience chafing, opt for organic cotton underwear.

Whether it is a source of pride or concern, clitoral enlargement should not be considered an anomaly or a defect. On the contrary, it testifies to the force of the transformation and your body’s capability to adapt. So, embrace your difference and keep exploring that part of you that holds so many pleasures and mysteries. Don't forget that beauty is multiple and that each body is unique, with its strengths and weaknesses. By taking care of yourself with love and respect, you help to radiate your strength and harmonize with yourself.

Many thanks to Merle for his participation in writing this article and for sharing it. You can very soon find his video testimony on our Instagram account!