Premature ejaculation in men is a sexual disorder that should not be underestimated: many men seem to be concerned when it comes to their performance in bed. As a symbol of misplaced masculinity, it can be a nightmare for a man if ejaculation occurs too early, leading to embarrassment and insecurity. That being said, in most cases this is nothing to worry about, and it can happen from time to time without any need for concern. If it does become a chronic daily occurrence, it can be very problematic for a man. It can be linked to many different causes, and psychological, behavioural, biological, and genetic factors can all play a role. Having the inability to “hold back” and control ejaculation can lead to sexual anxiety. So what solutions are there?

How can we prevent persistent sexual disorder from spoiling our most tender moments of pleasure? The first thing you need to do is face the problem without any embarrassment, fear, or insecurity. This is a legitimate problem, but it does not make you any less of a man. It’s best to acknowledge that although there’s an issue, you do not need to face it with fear or shame. Premature ejaculation is a difficult problem to understand. It is the uncontrollable evacuation of sperm, which is, in fact, a natural reflex. So while the solution itself might seem difficult to obtain, in order to tackle it, you must find a way to control your impulses so that you can reach the maximum threshold of your sexual excitement and your erection. No one else can do it for you. It’s up to you gentlemen, and YESforLOV is here to accompany you on the road to pleasure.

How does the mechanism of ejaculation work in men?

Ejaculation is an essential mechanical phenomenon that brings the climax of a man's erection to a close. At the end of the race, it is the natural expulsion of the sperm! And while this sensation is wonderful and orgasmic beyond words, it can quickly feel like a nightmare if it occurs too quickly.

It is the prostate that is in control of your ejaculation and ejaculation is imminent when the tension becomes too strong! The sudden surge of excitement, adrenaline, and pleasure is the crucial point of no return for the man. It is an identical phenomenon that occurs in women just before orgasm, but unlike men, they don’t blame themselves when orgasm occurs too soon for their liking!

There are two distinct phases in ejaculation:

The different phases of ejaculation:

1. The first phase of ejaculation:

In the midst of an erection, the ejaculatory ducts of the prostate secrete a fluid that has accumulated in the urethra.

This pre-ejaculatory fluid (also called seminal fluid), viscous and colourless, is secreted into the urethra by Cooper's glands: it is the real lubricant of the urethra which mixes with the sperm to better facilitate its expulsion.

In fact, the latter contains very few reproductive cells known as male gametes, in other words spermatozoa! However, up to 1% of these cells are responsible for fertilising the oocytes. In short, we have done the trick!


2. The second phase has two processes:

The mechanical expulsion of the semen: By coordinating their contractions in jerks, the muscles of the perineum, urethra, and internal genital tract fully ensure the smooth running of your ejaculation.

At the same time, the orgasm signals the end of the pleasure party, sending endorphins - the pleasure hormone - into the man's body, causing an increase in heart rate and blood pressure in the process.


However, effective ejaculation and orgasm are two different phenomenon’s which have the common characteristic of occurring at the same time! Ejaculation is purely physical, whereas orgasm, which is not mechanical, remains under the influence of the psychological and emotional control of the human being. Even if the majority of ejaculations are accompanied by an enjoyment and sometimes by a well-deserved orgasm, there are times when a man will ejaculate without fully enjoying his pleasure! A simple stimulation of the penis or the prostate (dixit the prudential nerves which used to be called the shameful nerves) can trigger an automatic male ejaculation.

This is not what we want, but fortunately, there are ways to combat this phenomenon!

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Make your own personal intimate assessment without judgment!

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Make your own personal intimate assessment without judgment!

There is no point in beating yourself up if your penis does not give you satisfaction, it is time lost that you cannot get back! The only thing you can do is to simply admit you have a problem and do everything possible to fix it. Don't act alone; confide in your partner without delay, he or she will quickly listen to you and fully support you in regaining your intimate pleasures. Together, if necessary, you will find the right support for you from a sexologist or a psychologist.

Gentlemen, you are not alone in this problem ... 20 to 30% of our Western population is affected by this problem of premature ejaculation!

To this day, there is a huge percentage of men who refuse to take control of their sexuality and admit they have a problem that needs to be fixed.


There are three main points to remember about premature ejaculation: 

-The first observation to be made is a bitter one for the man: an ejaculation that is far too rapid and occurs within a minute, to the great displeasure of both partners!

-The second observation to be made, and just as difficult to accept: the man's inability to control his ejaculation!

-The final observation to close the debate: a reality that is difficult to face and all the psychological repercussions that follow. Frustrated, the lovers quickly lose their beautiful complicity, and the defeated couple gradually lets the cracks in their happiness show.

In short, for the man who sometimes wants to be a love and sex warrior, it is not automatic! So, between penetration, which is probably a little hasty, it is up to you to find the right tempo and the right window of opportunity to determine and accept this famous intra-vaginal latency time, i.e. the time which separates penetration from ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

The rumour is that the duration of an average sexual intercourse lasts 5 minutes and 30 seconds for the most sensitive, according to a study conducted by ZAVA with 1000 men and this under the supervision of competent and particularly attentive doctors! The International Society of Sexual Medicine defines premature ejaculation as the time between penile intromission and ejaculation as less than one or two minutes, whereas most men think that less than 10 minutes is already a sign of premature ejaculation. And yes! Sexual performance is a subject that preoccupies men and is often related to a fake notion.

At the same time, women find that 7 minutes is ideal: under 7 minutes, ladies say it is not long enough! Beyond that they get bored. So gentlemen, no pressure, put down your stopwatch, let go and enjoy.

However, even if the medical definition is different from the vision of men, according to an Ifop survey, a third of men aged 18 to 69 have recently had to deal with ejaculation before penetration and 59% dealt with in during sexual intercourse. In total, 71% of sexually active French people admit to having problems with ejaculatory speed.

Sexologists seem to have a hard time determining this famous threshold of male pleasure. At what point does the ejaculation reflex become abnormal? Sexual excitement is both sensory and mental: it's not just the penis that's involved ... it's also the brain! It's where all the signals from our five senses end up, where all our thoughts and emotions are jostled during these great moments of pleasure in life.

In this storm of the senses, it is important to distinguish between so-called primary premature ejaculation, which occurs on a daily basis throughout a man's life, and so-called secondary premature ejaculation, which can occur at any age, either suddenly or progressively, when a man has perfect control over his ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation: multiple causes

Premature ejaculation is much more a psychological than a physical phenomenon, but it must also include all neurobiological disorders, or even a genetic susceptibility of an origin that’s very difficult to identify. Premature ejaculation is not a disease, it is a sexual disorder that only becomes problematic if it becomes a source of embarrassment, discomfort, or distress for the person complaining or for his partner.

One of the most likely causes of these dysfunctions is the regular use of medication: antidepressants and antipsychotics do not go well with sex. They have a very negative effect on the natural phenomenon of ejaculation. So, gentlemen, not too much abuse if possible in this area of health! As for alcohol, let's talk about it and divide your intake in two if you feel concerned!

Other medical predispositions have a great influence on a dysfunction in the ejaculation phenomenon: prostate problems (chronic prostatitis), dysthyroid, or erectile dysfunction...

Let's not forget the possible hypersensitivity of the glans which can insidiously spoil the party! This is not its role, however, since it is normally supposed to act as a shock absorber!

Psychological problems, such as stress and anxiety, are obvious - as with other sex-related phenomena - the major obstacles that get in the way of a functioning arousal, erection, and ejaculation in men. Always in his mind, these obstacles for pleasure disturb what should be the most intimate, beautiful and exciting sexual relationship.

7 tips to learn how to control your ejaculation to its climax!

Mission impossible to control and restore "normal" ejaculation? Certainly not! The real and only issue is gaining good control when it comes to the rise of pleasure! So don't panic! We have a handful of good solutions that you can put in your toolbox

1. The "STOP & GO" technique

It is a technique that consists of pausing stimulation when the excitement becomes too intense and resuming it when it subsides. It allows you to feel your body and to identify the signals of orgasm: stopping and starting again is the secret to this technique, which has both advantages and disadvantages, especially when you know that female pleasure can happen at any time.

To avoid disappointment, a few sprays of our sexual retardant should be enough to help you get as close as possible to orgasm without stopping. In the long run, the goal is to stay in that edging zone, which is a state of intense pleasure that will allow you to experience a much stronger orgasm after you’ve taken your time.


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2. The "SQUEEZING" technique

Penile compression is a technique that requires the help of your partner. The idea is to pinch the glans between your thumb and forefinger. Squeezing focuses on the physical aspect of the ejaculation, not on the psychological components... This solution is rarely sufficient to fight against premature ejaculation and should be combined with other alternative methods. To be continued...


3. Condoms with local anaesthetics

Not yet recognised as a mainstream treatment, these condoms can be a quick, discreet, and readily available solution.

When the condom is put on, the benzocaine used in these products will melt under the effect of the body heat and come into contact with the glans. These condoms will anaesthetise the penis for a long time, perhaps a little too long! Because you experience sex without any real sensation, is it really for pleasure?
Regardless of whether or not there’s a delaying effect, gentlemen, always cover up!


4. Change positions regularly and choose suitable sex positions!

Changing positions allows you to interrupt penetration and lower your arousal level for a while. On the other hand, some positions are also less stimulating than others, but are just as enjoyable to practice.
Avoid sexual positions that promote rapid arousal, such as doggy style.

We've checked out the Kamasutra and we highly recommend the teaspoon position, the andromache position, the union of the goddess or the lotus, which require a gentle rhythm, without unnecessary tension or sudden acceleration. By testing these positions, you will gradually learn to control your pleasure in bed.

You can do this and your confidence will quickly return, rest assured, gentlemen!

5. Strengthen and learn to relax your perineum.

It is an archaic reflex which is an accessory to orgasms. You must learn to locate it, build up its muscles, delay its contractions, and therefore, delay ejaculation.

Do a series of "contraction-relaxation" exercises with the perineum sphincters and muscles. You will find that there are a lot of sites on the internet that offer exercises.

Be careful, you will need to be patient. You will have to put in a lot of effort before the first results come to reward you. You must always give yourself time and love.


6. Retardant and aphrodisiac gels for men

These naughty and erotic cosmetics are essential when it comes to prolonging your sexual relations in case of hypersensitivity:

Our intimate lubricating gels available on www.yesforlov.co.uk  are there to oil all the wheels of your coach through reducing the friction caused by the back and forth movements. As for our orgasmic gels, they relax and prolong pleasure by delaying the rise of ejaculation: this is precisely the case with our couple's elixir and our unlimited freshness lubricant.

Our erotic made in France cosmetics provide an immediate cooling effect on the male genital area, which will help you to slow things down a bit...


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7. Tantrism, play, and slow sex: the final building blocks

Take your time during penetration and make it as smooth as possible.

Take a look at tantric sex and mindfulness sex. These love games will help you reconnect to your sensations and to increase the pleasure through not focusing on the orgasm.

Sex, love, meditation as a bonus?

What a great challenge to try to win the most beautiful victory over yourself!

In addition ... practical books give you valuable advice on this subject.
We recommend the book by Marc Bonnard.

Cognitive-behavioural therapies and sex therapies remain the best treatment decisions for the most difficult premature ejaculation problems.

For the sake of completeness, it is important to remember that sexual health problems should never be neglected! And all the more so when the episodes - often isolated – become regular occurrences over time!


In addition ... practical books give you valuable advice on this subject.
We recommend the book by Marc Bonnard.

Cognitive-behavioural therapies and sex therapies remain the best treatment decisions for the most difficult premature ejaculation problems.

For the sake of completeness, it is important to remember that sexual health problems should never be neglected! And all the more so when the episodes - often isolated – become regular occurrences over time!

Osez les conseils d'un sexologue pour maîtriser votre éjaculation.

Editions La Musardine . 1975).


Try the YESforLOV products to control your ejaculation
and increase your pleasure!

Try the YESforLOV products to control your ejaculation and increase your pleasure!

YESforLOV is always there to support you in your doubts and uncertainties, in your unfailing desire to get back on track and to be able to love again with all the strength of your sensations and emotions.

A solution for every problem! This is our motto and YESforLOV products are here to help you get through the storm.

YESforLOV CBD concentrate CBD concentrate will be you partner in crime to help you fight against your anxiety that’s making you feel inferior and ashamed.

This sensation booster will, after application to the glans penis, help to eliminate your stress and overthinking. This molecule is also famous for increasing the level of serotonin in the central nervous system and will play an important role in modulating sexual arousal.

According to a study on CBD use in the bedroom conducted among 5398 Americans, 31% of men who used CBD said that sex lasted longer than average. Gentlemen, give CBD a spin with your partner before sharing something much more intimate!

The YESforLOV male pleasure extender is not to be overlooked and also claims its place! This natural male enhancer with acmellia and essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, and tea leaves prepares the penis for endless embraces.

Not to be confused with a desensitiser to anaesthetise the penis, the YESforLOV pleasure extender offers a relaxing and soothing effect on the male sex to accompany you in the build-up of your excitement and erection, and even better, in the control of your ejaculation.

Its secret: it is terribly stimulating for the penile sensory sensors and therefore takes you into endless embraces. And even more subtly, in the serene and crazy practice of edging, that alternation of pleasures and successive orgasms.




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It's great to have complete control over your orgasms, isn't it? All of us men must learn, sooner or later, to control our sensations of pleasure and emotions, and to regulate them over time to better appreciate and prolong them. It's up to you, dear readers, to strengthen your control! The tactics for regaining the pleasures of sex are not numerous, but they do exist! It' s up to you to study all these beautiful paths that lead to the renewal of sex and love. When the time comes, it's up to each of you to leave your pride behind and use them.