Extreme enjoyment is only possible if you are confident and comfortable. And this is especially true for anal pleasure! As the anus is not naturally hydrated, intense and effective lubrication is essential. So, if you want to know how to deeply enjoy this intense pleasure, you have to ask yourself what is the best anal lubricant?

Characteristics of the best anal lubricant

The best anal lubricant is the one that knows how to be forgotten at just the right moment! While you make love, all your senses are on alert. Your lubricant gel must act in perfect harmony with your sensations so that you can indulge in the ultimate pleasure.

Its smell

You can choose a fragrance-free anal lubricant so that you can concentrate on what’s important: your well-being and that of your partner. That being said, a sweet fragrance can add a touch of eroticism, but only if the scent is right for you! If you want to use it during a sexual relationship, make sure the scent stimulates you both.

Its touch

Touch is also an important sense for your intimate development. You need to make sure that the texture of the anal lubricant is suitable for everyone involved in your erotic act. You can use a fatty body oil or gel, it doesn’t matter. The only thing you want to achieve is ultimate pleasure during sex!

Its effectiveness

During the act of anal penetration, you don’t want to worry about your lubricant. You want to be able to let go of your deepest sensations while enjoying pain-free bliss. So the best anal lubricant is a moisturising gel that doesn’t stick, relaxes the anus, and retains its lubricating power for a long time.

Its composition

A water-based anal lubricant is always a good choice, even essential if you are using a condom or it is your first experience. Anal lubrication with a silicone agent is also possible, but it provides less soothing effect. In addition, natural jojoba extracts help to soften the anal mucosa. This provides perfect anal relaxation which allows for gentle and pleasant penetration.

The differences between an anal and vaginal lubricant

There is no medical risk to using anal lubricant for vaginal penetration, or vice versa. In fact, the two are perfectly compatible. However, lubricants specially designed for anal pleasure offer characteristics not found in a vaginal gel. This is what makes it possible to experience pleasant intercourse in this extremely sensitive (but dry) erogenous zone.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not naturally lubricated. Whether you're preparing for sodomy, enjoying your naughty toy, or fingering your partner, the use of a lubricant is absolutely essential. For ultimate exhilaration during anal sex, it is therefore highly recommended to use a gel before and during the act of penetration.

In addition, anal dilation is not at all comparable to that of the vagina. Therefore, an anal gel is designed to help relax the anal mucosa and its surrounding areas. Only when you are completely relaxed can you enjoy a hot and enjoyable cuddle.

How to use an anal lubricating gel

In order to avoid any burning sensation from friction and to reach a desired orgasm, you want to avoid any discomfort. Because painful sex may not be what you're looking for, here are some tips on how to use an anal lubricant to stimulate your private parts and make penetration easier.


Although this should always be the case in your sex life, foreplay is a step that should not be neglected before you engage in anal sex. Using your anal lubricant, you will start to gently stroke the area around the anus. For intense stimulation before penetration, you can lightly massage the perineum. Because you want to fight dryness, don't hesitate to apply a large amount of gel so that great lubrication is guaranteed.


Many women enjoy anal penetration with sex toys; they can even use geisha balls. However, the use of sex toys is becoming increasingly popular among men. Indeed, more and more men are discovering the intense sensations of an anal plugs allowing the ultimate orgasm linked to prostate massage. To intensely enjoy the penetration of your intimate toy, don't skimp on the quantity. Apply plenty of anal lubricant on and in the anus as well as on the entire sextoy.

Anal lubricant for sodomy

Moisture and comfort are key to enjoying the full benefits of anal sex. Create an erotic atmosphere to enjoy this intense pleasure in a relaxed manner. During foreplay, generously moisturise and lubricate the anus and begin to relax and excite your partner. Before sodomy, administer a large amount of anal lubricant to the penis. You want to make your partner as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy these exciting sensations together.

Who uses anal lubricants?

The use of anal lubricant is appropriate regardless of your sexual orientation. Lubricating the anus is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasure of anal penetration or prostate massage.

Among men, the idea that anal pleasure is reserved for homosexual couples is disappearing. Indeed, anal penetration is an exceptional way to spice up your intimate relations. Alone or with others, men or women, it doesn't matter! All men should at least try anal penetration once.

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The use of anal lubricant brings comfort and pleasure to everyone involved in this deeply pleasurable act. Women can take advantage of this to discover the joy of double penetration, either by using a sextoy or with several partners. For men, they can also discover new sensations by massaging their prostates to achieve a unique and intense orgasm.