To free ourselves from the monotony of everyday life so that we can add some flavour and sweetness to our relationships. Is sex starting to feel a bit like a routine? If so, go ahead and savour their body by sucking and tasting every last bite. Whether you’re lovers for a lifetime or for a night, these treats can spice up lovemaking so that you can fully enjoy the moment. Licking, chewing, salivating, sucking, and kissing are arts that we don’t always master, but regardless, they must remain a personal choice to be enjoyed in full complicity. With or without accessories, oral sex should be a moment of sharing and enjoyment with your partner. And now that you have the gift of taste to help make oral sex a little sweeter, which part of your body will you offer up to your partner?

Oral sex: Whlse some may find it delicious, others might be disgusted...

From simple kisses to heavy make-outs to lustful oral sex, our mouths have always been a way to express love and pleasure. Whether you are showing your partner as simple sign of affection or you’re enjoying some delicious oral, there’s nothing wrong with using our mouths to express our feelings. Our tongues allow us to be playful and adventurous, which is a great way for us to connect with our partner and experience pleasure. A huge factor when it comes to enjoying oral sex is the taste. It is an incredibly important factor during this magical moment, and can either make or break desire, depending on how you feel about it.

Oral sex invites us to go beyond the false boundaries of modesty, self-loathing and disgust of the other. And as Doctor Jacques Waynberg points out, " it is through oral sex that one accepts one's own sex and that of the other". A kiss at the corner of the mouth and we are immediately in an intimacy synonymous with mutual agreement and sharing. Many people are enthusiastic about and feed on all these well-targeted practices, an explosive mixture of excitement and stimulation: cunnilingus, fellatio, anilingus, so many words that are undrinkable and devoid of sensuality, with a nightmarish sound for exquisite delights in a romantic-erotic mode that remain to be explored further if not discovered!

Oral sex allows us to push through our boundaries and become comfortable with both our own bodies and theirs. As Doctor Jacques Waynberg points out, “it is through oral sex that one accepts their own sex and that of the other.” This is true for many people, especially women, who may or may not even know what their intimate parts look like. The idea of having someone lick and taste something that they themselves are not even familiar with may feel a little daunting. The words used to describe oral sex certainly don’t help make it more sensual, with “fallatio, blow-job, cunnilingus, and eating-out, it’s no surprise that some people are turned off from the idea.

Fellatio, which is wrongly reduced to what we see in porn, has a bad rep. It remains a common practice for 70% of French people aged 25-34, but for woman aged 35-39, only 12% have experienced this rewarding practice: this is the result of the survey on sexuality in France "Practices, gender and health", by Nathalie Bajos and Michel Bozon (published by La Découverte). There’s a false idea that one must perform “deep throat” in order to fully satisfy their partner, but that’s just not the case. Unlike the false and inaccurate videos that we see in porn, real life sex is much more sensual, slow, and tender. There is no need to try to perform oral sex like a porn star, especially since it can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous. This can be a romantic and sensual moment between your partner; gaze deeply into their eyes, alternate between back-and-forth movements, and change the rhythm depending on their desires. Allow your hands to caress their erogenous zones, such as their bum and testicles, so that they can experience full sensitivity. Whether you are young or old, this is a practice that everyone can enjoy. The most important thing is that you have their consent and desire to do so as well!

    As far as female oral sex is concerned, only 52% of women have admitted to enjoying it. Everyone has a right to experience sex in whatever way they see fit. There is no obligation to do something you are not comfortable with because everyone’s preferences are different. That being said, if you are afraid to enjoy oral sex because you are uncomfortable or embarrassed, this is something that you can work on. If you are giving oral sex to your partner, you have every right to experience the same pleasure in return, so don’t let your insecurities stop you. Female oral sex is also harder to master, so make sure to direct them on what to do and how to move their tongues. Generally, the movements from top to bottom are the most pleasurable, as well as the rotation of the tongue around the clitoris. Don’t be afraid to progressively build up the pressure; the rhythm will follow naturally. Stay in-tune with your partner and ask them what feels good. Each person has their own preference and tempo determining what they enjoy,

      As for anilingus, according to an ELLE-Ifop survey on "intimacy, the couple, and pleasure," the practice of hummingbird kissing, even if it is very popular, is still taboo and reserved for wealthy people who are sexually free of all constraints. Only 15% of French women have practised it in their lifetime, while 26% of them claim to have been subjected to this practice by their partner. Approximately 43% of women who practice anilingus are homosexual or bisexual compared to 13% of heterosexual women. This erotic practice of black kissing, like other approaches to love, can be particularly exciting for some, but uncomfortable for others.

Learning to love in complete complicity and without misunderstandings through giving and receiving everything is great, but as a prerequisite to any relationship, respecting and knowing each others boundaries is important as well. You cannot have one without the other.

Intimate wellbeing, something that weighs heavily on our intimacy.

If you’re worried about odour, you can wash your intimate areas everyday with clear water, with or without a product that respects the physiological pH (this is essential). Keep in mind that excessive hygiene is actually not good, and can disrupt the intimate flora, causing unpleasant irritations and itching. As far as smells go, sweat from body to body contact as well as vaginal lubrication fluids secreted by the Bartholin’s glands in the vulva can create an unpleasant smell. For men, sperm, sweat, and seminal fluid can also create unpleasant odours. These scents can vary from one person to the next, because they result from different proteins and biochemical components that make up these fluids. It also depends on the diet and is said to be milder in vegetarians than in those who consume meat. There are certain foods that are not great for sex, such as garlic, alcohol, and fast food. Certain foods, such as watermelon, are actually beneficial, because they accelerate the synthesis of arginine, which is responsible for vasodilation, or other ingredients rich in zinc, such as hazelnuts and almonds.

As we’ve already mentioned, the smell of sex can either act as an invitation or repellent. If your glands start to smell a bit fishy, it can act a huge turn-off for your partner. Your sex organs, like your skin, should be tasted and enjoyed to their full capacity. In the same way that the smell of our skin entices our lover, the smell of our intimate parts should do the same. In the same way that it’s important for us to take care of our skin, it’s equally important for us to take care of our intimate parts. These means using products that are safe, natural, and do not change the physiological pH. There is nothing wrong with having a natural smell, but if you notice that it starts to get strong or fishy, it might be time to consult your gynaecologist.  

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Sexy fooding will make it so you don't have to choose between sex and food anymore!

Sexy-fooding is a sexual game that consists of combining sex and food. It’s very far from the idea of transforming naked bodies into meal trays; it can really be whatever you make of it. The most important factor is to discuss beforehand so that both partners consent mutually. Nothing less and nothing more! A harmonious and fully successful sex life entails both partners to be in tune with each other’s bodies in order to maintain complicity. As long as it remains pleasant, consented oral sex can be transformed into a new symphony that starts gently and ends in delicious pleasure.

Sexy fooding has its rules and requirements and they are relevant. Spreading melted chocolate over your partner’s naked body with the help of a brush is a classic in this genre. That being said, you can also use your creativity to utilise other items, such as champagne bubbles, ice cubes, whipped cream, mango, and strawberry. You can use it on the clitoris, breasts, or neck, wherever you like. That being said, this ritual is not about reducing your partner into an item, but instead, about enjoying mutual complicity where both people are equally satisfied. From now on, it's all about coming together to enjoy a pleasure that’s mutual and delicious; for this, YESforLOV has prepared the most delicious erotic scenario for you.

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Invent your own "Nyotaimori-Nantaimori" in the West.

If you’re both on the same emotional wavelengths, go ahead and enjoy a night together at home with some naughty and delicious games. Take a piece of candy and try to steal it from your partners mouth, allowing your tongues to dance graciously amongst the sweet delicacy. Go ahead and dual it out with your mouths in a way that is feverishly competitive and delectably erotic.

Nyotaimori is the Japanese art of savouring the body of your partner, and it’s important to choose something that you both enjoy. Using this method, you can devour each other’s bodies with the utmost desire. Keeping this in mind, sushi and sashimi will no longer be the only ingredients place on you naked bodies. If you’re not a fan of raw fish, you can spread chocolate over their most sensitive parts, succulent fruit, and even champagne. Don’t be afraid to get creative and invent new ways to taste their body. Food is a messenger of love, and it sends signs that invite pleasure. What more can we ask for?

For her, it will be a clever "Nyotaimori" with ingredients judiciously chosen by the partner. For Him, it will be a "Nantaimori" with little surprises concocted by his partner and with his agreement. It’s not controversial when complicity is there! Without taboos, everything will proceed with great fluidity. Obviously proper hygiene is important when enjoying food off each other’s bodies, and that’s not a prerequisite that should be forgotten. You can then go ahead and put the food or ingredients wherever you want on their body. To avoid any misunderstandings, you can make a list of foods and body zones that you’re comfortable with.

Within reach of hand and mouth, all these delicious things will be cleverly scattered on the naked bodies, including the intimate parts, and are just waiting to be devoured. Without any taboos, this is something you can enjoy regardless of your age.

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Whether you’re sucking their penis with or without jam or licking the lips of their clitoris with a taste of champagne, the most important thing is that you’re having fun. Free oral sex of any taboos and share it in complete complicity and reciprocity with your partner. And don’t be afraid to add some sweetness and flavour to your love rituals.